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Valentines Day Love Poems

be minethe smile that cleanses my soulthe eyes that stop time with a single glancethe touch of love from his handsI’ve been waiting for this daythis special timeall I can do is prayfor you to be my ValentineChristina Occhipinti


Night is fallingNight is falling my heart is callingI feel so lonely I need you onlybut I’ve got a teddy that I take to bedif you’ll be my ValentineI’ll take you insteadJenni-lea

***************if I’d wish to be anythingIf I could wish to be anything I’d wish to be your tear to be conceived by your heart,born in your eye live on your cheek and die on your lipsstephanie mcfarlane

***************KissesKisses Kisses Kisses,Oh, what should I do?All I want is just one Kiss,From a special person like you.Brenna Copley***************break up on valentinesOn Valentines we broke upYour friends said it was wrongBut you didn’t believe themUntil you heard our songMaybe you will love me like I loved youBut I won’t give you another chanceBecause I won’t know if it’s really trueLana

***************Hearts and flowersHearts and flowers on Valentine’s day.heart shaped candy, help me say:I Love you in a special way,because love is the reason for Valentine’s day.Valentine’s day is a special timefor songs to singand poems that rhyme,a happy time for everyone.I’m so glad you’re a friend of mineKelly Russell***************such a short timeWhen I first saw your face I knew you were mineWe have both grown to love each other in such a short timeyou know I’ve been looking for you all my lifefor the day when I become your wifeyou have given me security and lovewhich I’ve only ever dreamed ofI know there is a heaven and dreams do come truesomeone up there loves mebecause they sent meYOUamanda perkins


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