The Black Friday Prospecting Message To Fill Your December Calendar

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and everyone is spending Black Friday shopping or visiting. No one wants to talk about insurance or investing – right?

But maybe you can be the advisor who bucks what everyone else is doing and use Black Friday as an opportunity to reach out to clients or prospects. Combined with a strong goal-setting plan, it can help you start off 2022 on a strong note.

Rebecca Korn is an industry veteran who coaches other advisors. She is the founder of Rise Reign Rule, which helps women in the business achieve their visions of an extraordinary, unstoppable life.

Korn shared a tip for reaching out to clients or prospects at a time when other advisors are more likely to be taking time off. She said this prospecting idea will help you fill your December calendar with appointments and enable you to enable you to end your year strong. Here is how she describes it:

On the day before Thanksgiving or the day after Thanksgiving, when nobody is meeting with you, I would have an “office day” or a “car day” and look at these things: the parts of your business that are working and you’re proud of, the parts of your business that are not working, and what you can do 1% better across the board and what an impossible target would be.

Make a list of all the prospects you haven’t closed. Take a look at them. Replay the meetings in your mind or replay them inside of your Zoom if you recorded them and study yourself the way that athletes study themselves. Understand what kind of finesse you can bring to the table. And I want you to wish them a happy Thanksgiving.

Send them a text on the day after Thanksgiving that says something like, “I hope you have a beautiful weekend with your family and that your Thanksgiving was gorgeous.” They’re not getting a text message like that from 27 other people, they’re getting it from you. Now you’re in the inner circle psychologically, because they associate the people closest to them to be messaging them those things at that point at that time. So that shift creates an opening.

Then in December, you can make a phone call, and you can say, “I just wanted to catch up with you.” Or, “I’ve been thinking about you. How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get my text?”

And that opens such a beautiful space. They think, this person genuinely cares about me. And they’re genuinely connected with me, they’re not just looking for a transaction.

Read more of Rebecca Korn’s insights on how to finish the year strong and head into 2022 with a plan for an even bigger year in this interview in the November issue of InsuranceNewsNet Magazine.

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