Clever – July Lyrics |

They call me crazy
I remember sellin’ [?] back when I was broke
Never made me much money ’cause I had to smoke
I used to tell myself, at least, I wasn’t sellin’ coke
I had to quit ’cause of fake friends and [?] foe
The problem is if I was [?] was a fuckin’ James
The one that [?] about my friends was just some fuckin’ snakes
I had to it all again, I’d take that fuckin’ case
Livin’ my life knowin’ sometimes it’s just how much you take
And nowadays I just stay prayed up, I ain’t got time to be laid up
All thеm many nights I stayed up, it’s about time that they paid us
All thеm one nights damn sure made us, feel like we could be the greatest
I was born in July
And I’m rich on these broke-ass, remember back when I could die
Now I throw a song in the sky, I’m immortal for the night
They call me crazy
But maybe that’s ’cause I am
But would you lie for me? I can’t tell
If I jump from the lights, ayy, tell my family
Tell ’em I fly, tell ’em I fall, into the sky
Would you tell ’em that I’m crazy?
Or tell ’em when they aimin’ for your chips and they let you lay in the streets
To be ready for a war but just keep on prayin’ for peace
If I never see the [?] then I’ll say your faith in my [?]
And I will stomp you in the dirt, Lord forgive me for my dirt
I was raised in the church so I start to [?]
Sweet home Alabama but your [?] is sweet
I was born in the summer, my God, [?] blaze on the beats
Starts the fruits of my labor, man, life is a fuckin’ peach
It’s a cold, cold world, we just tryna stay in the heat
I ain’t never finished college, some things you just can’t teach
I’m American, baby, hear the freedom in my speech
I’ll be mad as a bitch I don’t sell a million at least
They work for me in the [?], that’s one in a million me
Just call me crazy
I’m one of a kind, yeah
They call me crazy
And that’s fine
A lotta them I woulda died for are dead to me
Call me crazy
But I’m Clever as I’ll ever be

July Lyrics

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