60 Awesome Sister Captions for your Instagram Pics

Sisterly bonds are like a magic sauce that just makes life taste better and go down easier. Sure, you may claw each other’s eyes out from time to time, or at least feel like doing it. But, it’s your big or little sis you tell all your good and bad to at the end of the day and share the big and little life moments with daily.

Such a special relationship deserves its share of social media pictures. Whether it’s the funny, adventurous, throwbacks, or even just a cute outfit, we have some creative captions help you set your pictures off with just the right words.

Funny Sister-To-Sister Captions

These laughable captions are sure to make your sibling smile.

  • Tho we be different flavors, sis, we were still cooked in the same gourmet kitchen, and that makes us #awesomesauce
  • Having the perfect sister means no one can tell who’s the naughty versus the nice one.
  • Don’t blame me. My sister made me do it.
  • You’re probably an only child if you don’t understand how the same second in life can hold immeasurable love and the desire to thump someone in the nose.
  • #Sisters4Life – the only person who can get away with stealing all my stuff and endlessly annoying me without getting a black eye.
  • Life may not always be picture-perfect, but having an awesome sister ensures you’re always camera-ready.
  • It’s all smiles and giggles now, but five seconds ago we were wrestling over the remote like it was the key to the fountain of youth.
  • I’ve always known my worth, but she reminds me to add the tax.

My sissy. My hero then. My hero today. My hero tomorrow.


Funny sister caption to use on tbt post on instagram.

My sister and I were never high maintenance; everyone else was just low effort.


Funny sister caption to use on photo posts.

Having the perfect sister means no one can tell who’s the naughty versus the nice one.

  • If you think I’m bad, then you should meet my DNA counterpart to see just how good you have it.
  • With sisters, you only get the nice calm pictures on Christmas and birthdays. This was clearly neither occasion.
  • It’s all smiles, laughs, and fun times until a sister’s stuff goes missing. Then, it’s time for some Mortal Combat.
  • It’s all fun and games until someone’s shoes go missing and a sisterly war of the world’s breaks out.
  • If one sister raises an eyebrow, then you have a 50/50 chance of survival, but, if both raise an eyebrow, then you best run for your life.
  • A laugh is an out of control smile, and sisters are the best instigators of all things uncontrollable.


Traveling With The Sister Captions

These captions can accompany your travel adventures with your big/little sister.

  • Wherever the destination may be, we stick together like peanut butter and jelly.
  • Sister bonds travel everywhere – no passport needed.
  • Destination sisterhood. Location unknown.
Sister caption to use on travel photo posts.

Destination sisterhood. Location unknown.

  • I wouldn’t want to see this, be here, or go there without my siskick.
  • The world is a more marvelous place when you discover its wonders with the most magnificent sister ever.
  • Traversing life sure is sweeter, more beautiful, and a lot more fun walking the shores with my sis.
  • Fun, sun, and traveling sisters. Living our best lives.
  • Sisterhood of the traveling bikinis.
  • Wherever the tides bring us, we will always swim together.
  • Whatever mountains are ahead of us, we will always climb them together.
  • Yes, we are as much fun here as we are at home.
  • We travel not to escape life, but to live it fully in the best places with the best people.
  • Living by a compass with my True North, my star, my sister.
  • Just taking a few memories with my favorite person and leaving a lot of footprints along the way.
  • We may wander to far away places, but this sisterhood will never be lost.
  • Adventure favors the bold and gives extra points if you take your big sister.


OOTD Captions for that Outfit Of The Day Pic

Try one of these captions to include your sibling in your OOD posts.

  • She’s most OCD about her OTT closet, which means I must occasionally raid it for the best OOTD posts.
  • Double the trouble = Sisters in stilettos.
  • Shhh… Part of my OOTD came from my sister’s closet.
  • Our jeans are almost as perfect as our genes.
OOTD Caption for sister instgram posts.

Our jeans are almost as perfect as our genes.

  • Work hard, love hard, and shop hard. Do it all with an amazing sister like mine and life will always be runway-worthy.
  • Our age may be going up, but our love of fashion will never go down.
  • If all else fails, just avail on your sis’s wardrobe.
  • Life’s too short not to extort your sister’s fashionista skills from time to time.
  • Outfit, shoes, and accessories credits: my sissy’s closet.
  • Whoops, I did it again. The good news is that sister-to-sister rules means she has to forgive me within a few days for borrowing a few clothes.
  • Great minds don’t just think alike. They dress alike, too.


TBT Captions | Throwback Thursday Pics With The Sis

Dig out those childhood pictures and give them one of these nostalgic captions.

  • What were we thinking wanting to grow up so fast and furious?!?
  • Hey, sis, remember when we threw back more than glasses of wine of Thursdays?
  • My sister and I were never high maintenance; everyone else was just low effort.
  • Still two peas in a pod.

  • Sisterly bonds clearly start some days better than others.
  • I love you this much:)
  • Throwback payback is a dish best served with warm and fuzzy emojis.
  • Remember when we didn’t realize this would one day be material for TBT laughs?
  • Just a reminder that you always have made each day a little better for me. Thanks for being my everything.
  • I remember this special childhood moment like it was yesterday.
  • Don’t judge… our mom picked the hair and outfits.
  • It certainly seemed like a good idea at the time.
Tbt caption for sister posts on Instagram.

And, we still looking cute and sassy.


Sister caption to use on instagram.

I remember this special childhood moment like it was yesterday.

  • Can we recreate this golden moment when everything was simple and beautiful?
  • I love having a photo to match the memories that make me smile the biggest.
  • If only photos could talk…
  • And, we still looking cute and sassy.
  • It’s funny how nothing has changed other than our height, waist, and age.
  • My sissy. My hero then. My hero today. My hero tomorrow.
  • Whether it’s been a love hug, miss you hug, sorry hug, or shut up hug, I can always count on you to get the job done.


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