10 Best Picnic Food Recipes

Heading out for a picnic this weekend?

In that case, forget about the supermarket packed dry sandwiches and boring tasteless salads. With these 10 easy and delicious picnic recipes there are no more excuses for lame and boring picnic food! If you need a pretty hamper to pack these goodies in, check out our selection here!

Do you have your own picnic food staple? Leave a comment and recipe link below!

1. Green Goddess Sandwiches

Recipe from The Bojon Gourmet

2. Purple Power Salad

Recipe by My New Roots.

3.  Avocado Summer Salad

Recipe by Gimme some Oven.

4.  Refreshing Spring Greens Soup

Recipe by The Awesome Green.

5. Salad in a Jar

Recipe by MJ and Hungry Man.

6. Chickpea Sandwiches

Recipe by Vanilla and Bean.

7.  Italian Pressed Sandwiches

Recipe by The Cilantropist.

8. For Dessert – Mini Cherry Pies

Recipe by AdventuressHeart.


9.  The Ultimate Picnic Baguette

Recipe here.

10.  For Dessert – Cupcake in a Jar

Recipe by Cupcake Daily Blog.


Featured image:  The Bojon Gourmet



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