Top 10 Decent Methods to Get Rid of Voles

Voles can be a great disturbance to your property as these pests may destroy the garage, garden, home, and any other areas possible. They will put the flowers and vegetables as well as shrubs and trees in your garden in danger. Prior to this reasoning, learn how to get rid of voles some of the methods listed below.

Various Methods to Eradicate Voles Effectively

How to Get Rid of Voles

Before you embark on a journey to exterminate the voles from the area, first make sure that you’re dealing with voles. Voles have a tendency to breed prolifically, thus controlling their population on the area needs to be done right away. Help yourself and save time using some of these methods:

1. Eliminating Food Supplies

Food supplies for voles consist of fruits, nuts and tree needles. Try limiting these foods on your yard by regularly clean and dispose fallen fruits as well as rack pine needles. This will help to make the voles lives a little bit miserable due to their food supplies are eliminated. Additionally, avoid putting any mulch on the base of the trees in a radius of three feet approximately.

2. Flooding

Flooding the rodent’s burrows with water is an effective way to get rid of voles with minimum cost and effort. Simply spray some water into the burrows with the help of the garden hose for about half hour up to an hour. If there are a lot of holes then cover them up with a stone except for one or two hole and if there are no holes to be found then take some soil from the mounds to get access into the burrow system. This method can help to kill the voles that are in the borrow system by drowning them. However, these pesky rodents may still escape thus making this method to be a little inconvenient for a long term finish.

3. Garlic Barrier

Getting rid of voles using the garlic barrier method is one of the best methods as it can work effective immediately with minimum cost and a few hours of effort. The best part about this method is that it’s safe for your households as well as the environment and it can last for a long term. As these pesky rodents detest the strong smell of garlic, you can plant a clove of garlic near the plants existing on the garden. However, to give a maximum protection towards your greenery, plant about three to four cloves of garlic near the plants as well as around the edges or trees.

4. Mow the Lawn

Voles like to hide on underbrush and grassy areas as these things can help to shield them from getting spotted. Keep the lawn free from tall weeds and grass by regularly trimming them as well as disposing every grass and leaves from the premises. Clean the yard thoroughly and regularly from anything that can be a good shelter for these pests, including piles of wood and debris.

5. Poison

Using poison to exterminate voles is probably the most effective method among all; however it can be a danger for the household especially if you have kids and pets around. If you choose to use this method, do it in early fall or late winter when the voles are less finicky towards foods. The most effective poisons that are often used to bait these pesky rodents are ones with Warfarin-based such as D-Con, Kaput Mouse Blocks and Rodex. The poison will give results in approximately 5 days. Therefore, it would be best to renew and set the traps every week. Make sure to always wear gloves when handling voles, whether they are dead or alive, they may carry disease organisms. Also, use the poison according to the safety precautions to prevent the poison from spreading and harm the households.

6. Release Predator

Releasing predator into the voles infested areas is an easy and effective way to get rid of these burrowing animals. This method provides minimum cost and effort as well as safe for the surrounding environment. The effectiveness of the method is quite good for both short and long term. Natural predators for voles are divided into two categories:

  • Domestic Predators

Domestic predators for these pests are cats and dogs. If you happen to have pets like cats and/or dogs then you’re in luck as they would hunt down these rodents instinctively. However, you need to encourage them to hunt, giving them incentive such as letting them into the infested areas as much time as possible. Alternatively, you can arrange your pet’s diet by feeding them a little less, but enough for them to hunt.

  • Wild Predators

Wild predators for these pesky rodents are badgers, foxes, and preying birds. However, this option for wild predator method may not work in some areas such as agricultural and urban areas as there are too many voles around and the wild predators that would kill the voles are not enough. It may also be a problem as these kinds of wild predators don’t hunt near human settlements. However, barn owls can be a key exception.

7. Sharp Materials

Putting sharp materials into the voles’ tunnels can make the tunneling become uncomfortable for these field mice. Penetrate the tunnels with the help of a shovel and a spade and then deposit sharp materials such as Permatill or Soil Perfector inside. Alternatively, 10% coarse gravel and 90% soil mixture should be enough to serve the purpose. As a suggestion, you may cultivate the soil after the sharp materials applied into the tunnels.

8. Traps

Trappings can help the extermination of voles a lot easier, but this trap method is banned in some states so it would be best to check with your local law first. Setting up a trap is best to do during the early spring or late fall as these are the times of the peak reproduction. Set up the trap vertically to their runways or near the tunnels, use baits of apple bits, oatmeal or peanut butter. Check the traps from time to time and remove the captured voles as immediate as possible. Mouse snap traps can be used to do this method, or as an alternative you can purchase some live voles traps such as Havahart or Sherman Traps (Model SNG).

9. Ultrasonic Repellents

Ultrasonic use can help to get rid of voles or any pests that are living on your property. Purchase the ultrasonic pest repellents at a local hardware store and simply plug it in to a power socket. The high frequency sound that the device transmitted will help to repel voles, resulting in these pesky animals evacuating from your house.

10. Wire Baskets

Wire baskets can be used to prevent these pesky rodents from creating damages towards your property. This method brings effective results in both short and long term, plus it’s safe to be used around kids and pets as well as the surrounding environments. Before installing the wire baskets, clear off brush and weeds from around the tree in order to protect the area. Then, wrap wire screen mesh around the trunks of the tree in your garden and plant it below the ground for at least one foot and stands above the ground for approximately 18 inches. As this wire baskets method may be labor intensive and time consuming, it may not be a practical method to be used if you have large garden or yard. If you decided to go along with this method, make sure to clear up snows from the surrounding trees and/or wire baskets during the winter. This is to keep protections for the plants or trees with wire baskets as the voles tend to thrive during the winter in search of shelter in the snow.

These are the most effective methods on how to get rid of voles that can be used as guidance. However, the key to remove these pests from your property is nothing but persistence effort. Therefore, combining some of these methods all at once may give more efficient results.