10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ticks

Ticks are tiny parasites that may attack on animals as well as human. As this tiny parasite may not be harmful or causing diseases, they linger on the body of human or in the fur of animals and suck the blood of the carrier. Thus the present of them would be unwanted and how to get rid of ticks is demanded.

Simple Treatment to Get Rid of Ticks

How to Get Rid of Ticks

Ticks mostly are active during warm weather such as spring and/or summer and these tiny parasites may attack on people and especially furry animals. Even though they are not harmful and that their bites are not painful, they may cause problems when they fall off after sucking the blood. However, there are some home remedies that can help out to get rid of ticks as effective as or rather more effective than products that are available on the market such as:

1. Aromatherapy Oil

Aromatherapy oils such as basil, cedar, cinnamon, lavender, lemon and pennyroyal can help to remove ticks by working as a natural repellent. Start by mixing one drop of three any aromatherapy oils of the choice with pure almond oil. To apply, soak a cloth into the mixture and wrap it around the affected pet.

2. Cedar Oil Spray

Cedar oil works as ticks repellent on helping to get rid of ticks effectively. For this remedy, simply use the cedar oil spray directly onto the collar, face as well as tummy area of the pet. Do this remedy once a day to effectively drag ticks out from the pet’s fur.

3. Clove

Clove can help to get rid of ticks by killing them with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that contained in clove. It works effectively to eliminate fleas and ticks from pets. The application of the clove remedy can simply be done by rubbing some clove oil directly onto the fur of the pet with the help of your hands. Alternatively, it can be applied by spraying by mixing clove extracts with some peppermint oil and water.

4. Garlic

Garlic comes as a strong repellent to help get rid of the ticks. Ingest a sufficient amount of garlic for the pet, as raw garlic is rather toxic for dogs and can cause them anemia or damaged red blood cells. For a safety measure, serve garlic in food and soups for the dogs. Alternatively, use a garlic powder instead of raw garlic in the proportion of 1/8 teaspoon per pound of regular dog food.

5. Liquid Dish Detergent

Liquid dish detergent can do wonders to help get rid of ticks for good by killing them. To apply, simply dab over some liquid dish detergent on the infected area of the pets using a cotton ball. However, it is crucially important to be noted that this remedy shall not be applied to pets which are allergic to soaps.

6. Mouthwash

Mouthwash has been proven to be a working home remedy for getting rid of fleas and ticks from pets. The mouthwash remedy’s application is done by simply soaking a cotton ball or a tissue paper with some mouthwash. Afterwards, simply dab over the infected area of the pet with the soaked cotton ball or tissue paper.

7. Orange

Orange can help to sort out and removing ticks due to its citric acid content. To proceed this remedy, take a couple of oranges and squeeze the juice out. Using a cotton ball, apply the orange juice directly onto the infected pet. Alternatively, some orange oil can be applied on the pet’s affected area as a use of tick repellent.

8. Permethrin

Permethrin can help to kill the ticks as soon as they come in contact due to its toxic substance. The formulation and application of the permethrin can be done in various different ways.

  • Permethrin Solution

For this method, prepare a Permethrin-10 solution and a sponge. To apply, simply dip the sponge into the solution and rub it directly onto the pet’s fur gently. This method should give a result in a matter of three to four weeks.

  • Permethrin Spray

Start by making a mixture of an ounce of citronella and two ounces of Permethrin solution. Next step is adding four ounces of apple cider vinegar along with a few drops of rosemary oil into the mixture. Make sure that the mixture is well blended and then store the mixture into a spray bottle. This mixture can be applied straight up by spraying; just don’t forget to shake the mixture well before it is being used.

9. Turpentine or Gasoline

Alcohol fuels such as gasoline can help to get rid of ticks by suffocating them until they die eventually. Using a container, place two tablespoons of gasoline and soak a cotton ball into it. Apply the soaked cotton ball directly on the tick and leave it be for about three minutes and then simply remove the tick easily with the help of tweezers.

10. Vaseline

Vaseline can be of help to get rid of ticks as it would kill the ticks due to suffocation. For this remedy, simply apply the Vaseline by rubbing it on the fur of the pet gently to cover the areas that are infected by ticks with the help of your hands. Then make sure to comb the fur after the application of the Vaseline to remove the ticks from the pet’s fur.

Preventive Acts

There are some preventive measures that can be done to avoid the pets from getting attacked or infected with ticks. Here are some of those preventive acts:

  • Avoid pets from approaching bushy or wooden areas
  • Clean the house with vacuum cleaner
  • Keep the pets in smooth surface areas
  • Make the pets to wear flea collar
  • Mow the lawn regularly
  • Remove all litter around the house regularly
  • Sanitize corner areas in the house properly
  • Shampoo the pets regularly
  • Spray fleas and ticks repellent on pets and household materials regularly
  • Spray pesticides in the house
  • Use hot water to wash blankets, cushion covers and linen

The home remedies on how to get rid of ticks mentioned above has been proven to work effectively on treating ticks problem on pets. In addition, a preventive measure shall be taken to avoid ticks from getting into your beloved pets.