11 Ways to Get Rid of Termites

Termites are so dangerous pest that they can cause severe issues! They can cause damage that will cost you between $100 and $10.000 to repair. In some severe cases, they can damage the entire home, so a repair won’t be possible! Before starting, you should know that there are 5 different types of termites. They are subterranean, dry wood, Formosan, damp-wood and conehead termites. Simply said, a termite colony may affect your home, no matter where you live!

Before starting with a method, you should know a few signs that suggest your home is infected with this pest. The first one is to notice dust below beams and wooden elements in your home. Adding mud tubes and the fact solid wood now sounds hollow, and you have termites.

Luckily, there are a lot of solutions on how to get rid of termites topic. We will start with the simplest and move towards the most advanced methods for removing the pest from your home.

Simple, Intermediate And Advanced Methods To Get Rid Of Termites

How to Get Rid of Termites

Cardboard method

The simplest and cheapest way to get rid of termites is to use a cardboard. All you will have to do is to place it near the infected area and spray it with water. Then, termites will attract the cardboard, which means that they will be in one spot. Then, you will take the cardboard outside and burn it. Keep in mind that you must repeat the procedure a few times in order to make it successful. It will depend on the infection how many times you must repeat, but in general, 4 times are usually enough. However, this method is useful until the number of termites isn’t extremely high. If it is, it won’t work.

Using sunlight

Termites live in dark places and they don’t even have eyes, so they cannot survive in the sunlight. This is something you can use, but not every time. If an infected object is relatively small and it can be placed outside, place it in the sunlight (make sure the infected area is upside down) and leave it one the sun. This has two positive sides. The first one is that the sunlight, it kills termites and another one is that heat will kill them as well. Together, these two methods are very successful, but they work only for wooden elements that can be placed outside, in the sunlight.

Another advantage of this alternative is the fact the sunlight will remove moisture from the wood. You may know that dry wood isn’t suitable for these insects, so it may be treated as a prevention. Note: Removing moisture from wood in any way you know is preferable and can be treated as a great preventive.

Flood them

You probably have heard many times that water can be used for killing termites. Yes, it is, but this applies only on the termite colonies that are in your backyard or in your garden. You should use a garden hose in order to fill the hole where termites live with water. They will drown and the colony will come to an end. However, in order to make this a possible solution, pay attention to the size of the colony. Also, make sure the entire nest is filled with water, so there are no survivors.

Using nematodes

One of the simplest and the most common way, to get rid of termites naturally is to use nematodes. In essence, you will have to buy nematodes, worms that use termite larvae, as food and they will do all hard work for you. Now, the actual number of worms isn’t specified, but it depends on the size of your infection. The more termites means more worms.

Using low and high temperatures

One of the simplest ways to get rid of termites is using the low/high temperatures. Termites, all 5 types of them cannot survive temperatures below 25 degrees F or higher than 120 degrees F. In the second case, they can survive only 35 minutes. This is important, simply because most people decide to use this technique to destroy them. If your home, affected area and the situation allows, you can burn a fire that will increase the temperature in that area. Increasing the temperature up to the point termites cannot withstand it, will cause the entire colony to die.

Using wood or anything you can to remove a colony is the cheapest way, but in a case you want to use a low temperature, you are going to need a liquid nitrogen and this may be slightly more expensive. If you use this alternative, make sure you apply the liquid on all infected areas, or it won’t be successful.

Bug bombs

Want to know how to get rid of termites with the help of insecticides packed in a spray container? You are going to need a bug bomb. This is a small spray, filled with chemicals that will kill termites. You can use as much as you need and they are very affordable. However, make sure you wear a mask while using them. A positive side is the fact it will kill most termites, a bad side is that the spray cannot affect the termites that are deep into the wood, therefore they won’t be killed.

Bug bombs are quite affordable and they can be bought in many places. They are usually recommended before the infestation actually starts and at the beginning, when there are no a lot of termites, deep into the wooden elements of your home. Remember that some of these bombs may be dangerous for people, so wear a mask and protective equipment when to use them. This is only a precaution, but it is highly recommended. Note: Read what chemicals are inside a bottle, so you know what to do if there are some problems with your health.

Neem oil

This is the least known method for killing termites, but it is successful. How to get rid of termites with this oil? Simply apply it on the cotton ball or use a fabric to apply the oil on the infected area. Repeat the step a few times and when you are done, termites will be killed. Try to remember that this oil kills only termites that come in direct contact with the oil and the effect cannot be transferred to other termites. On the other side, it will affect the termites so they won’t be able to lay eggs nor to eat. Eventually, this method can cause the entire colony to die.

A good side of the neem oil is that it isn’t toxic, so it is relatively safe to use and it can be used in homes and even in bedrooms. You also won’t have to wear protective gear while working with the oil. We like this alternative simply because it is simple to use, and it is affordable. It may be less successful as more advanced alternatives, but it is great value for money and for smaller issues, it is one of the best.

Orange oil is useful as well

Termites are allergic to orange oil, but sadly some people are as well. This type of oil comes from orange peels and it can be made at home. After you have made it, you must drill holes in the wood where termites live. Then, pour the orange oil and wait. Make sure you add oil frequently in order to make the procedure more successful. Termites will be killed in direct contact, which also means that you will have to drill a lot of holes (small diameter) and it will prevent them to feed.

This method is the most common and treated as the most successful with dry wood termites. Yes, it will help you with other types of termites, but the procedure may take more time and it won’t be as successful as with dry wood termites. A positive side is the price of this method and the fact all you can do by yourself.

Boric acid as a method

Using a boric acid is one of the most successful alternatives and it is the most common answer to the how to get rid of termites question. This substance is the main ingredient of most insecticides. It kills termites by killing their nervous system. After that, it will dehydrate them, therefore it is more than just effective. This method will work if you place wood, covered with the boric acid near the infected place as bait. Termites are attracted by the acid and they will ‘’come’’. The most important fact is to check these wooden panels frequently and to add boric acid.

This method will work and it is successful, but only if you do it properly. Simply said, you will have to add boric acid all the time and to make sure the baits are in the correct positions. Note: It is clever to use more boric acid than you may think. It will only speed up the process.

Arsenic dust

Do you want a more advanced answer on the how to get rid of termites question? The answer is arsenic dust. This is simply is of the best alternatives you may get, but there are a few points you need to know. First, this may be more expensive than other solutions and in some countries and in some states in the United States, it can be done only by professionals.

A positive side is the fact it is very successful and it will kill most termites, even those that don’t come in touch with the arsenic dust. The explanation lies in the dust itself. It is transferred from infected termites onto healthy ones and it will kill all of them.

Permethrin dust works on the same principle, but with one small difference. You will have to apply the electricity on the infected wood. In fact, you will have to use an electric gun in order to transfer 90.000 volts on the wood and therefore this is an even more advanced method and usually reserved for professionals and service providers. Remember: This may be the most dangerous method of them all.

Using a professional service provider

How to get rid of termites if the infection is too big? The only alternative is to call a professional. Why? They have specialized methods and they use specialized equipment. All of this means that they will be able to solve the problem and the main cause of it. The cost will depend on the size of the infection and the working hours a service provider will have to use. We will say that the lowest cost you can get is about $400, but it may be more. This solution is the only way you can use to exterminate termites if they have infected a bigger part of your home or the entire part of some room or a cellar.

In some cases, you will have to leave your home for some time, due to the fact these professionals may use toxic substances that are dangerous for people as well. Another fact you should know is that this is a time-consuming method that may last a few days.

The bottom line

We gave you an answer on the how to get rid of termites question and we gave you several of them. All of the methods are ranked correspondingly, according to the time and the severity they demand. We would recommend you to start with the first one and move towards the more advanced alternatives. Maybe the best solution is prevention, but if you have just bought a home with termites, try one of these methods, and your problem will be solved. The last resort is to call a professional to exterminate all the termites from your home. This should be a mandatory step if all other methods are not successful, but a mixture of a few of them usually gives more than just promising results.