10 Ways to Get Rid of Squirrels

This is a guide on how to get rid of squirrels and everything that it can caused, do not underestimate squirrels, they can be a difficult and ruin your life. They look cute and they are small, but they are vicious. If your house is infected by squirrels, be prepared to see holes around the house, broken furniture, missing foods, etc. What makes squirrel infestation a big problem is that they are very invasive, if they see a slightest opening in the attic of your house, they will not hesitate to enter and the squirrel thinks that your house is comfortable enough, it will stay there.

In this information guide, you will not only find the best methods that you can use in order to get rid of the squirrel infestation on your house, but also information on how to prevent that kind of infestation to ever happen again. Just an info though, these methods are different to one another, whether or not one method is more suitable or not is up to you. Without further ado, lets us see how we can get rid of this problem with the most effective ways.

10 Methods to Get Rid of Squirrel Infestation

How to Get Rid of Squirrels

1. Buy some squirrel trap

This is the best way to catch that annoying pest, squirrel is small and very agile, it is practically impossible for an average person to be able to catch a squirrel bare handed so we need to resort to trap. There are a lot of different traps that you can find on the stores, choose one that you think is more suitable to the condition on your house. Squirrel’s main foods are nuts, berries and acorns, so use those foods to bait the squirrel to the trap. Place the trap in holes around your house, check your attic and place some traps in the yard as well; you might want to buy a few more traps if you have a lot of trees on your yard. This is a guaranteed method; you will catch the squirrels that have been causing havoc on your house very soon. After you catch it, you can release them in a place far away from your house.

2. Kill the squirrels

That is right, if you really irritated and do not want this kind of infestation to ever happen again, you can just kill the squirrels that you have catch with the traps. Remember, depending on what state that you are in, killing the squirrel is a violation of the law so if your state does not allow you to kill the squirrels, you have to throw it away somewhere else. But if your state do allows you to kill squirrel, by all means just do it, there are various ways to kill the squirrels and using poison is probably the most efficient way. You can use rat poison if you want, but there are various ground squirrels that are pretty resistant to rat poison, anticoagulants and strychnine are also good candidates. The other way to kill the squirrel is by shooting it with gun it is a guaranteed kill, but cleaning up will be very difficult due to the mess it caused.

3. Use sugar and salt

This is somehow a continuation to the above method and is only applicable if your state allows you to kill the squirrel. If you do not want to make a mess by shooting the squirrels with the gun and do not want to waste money to buy the poison, you can just use sugar and salt. Sugar and salt are toxic to squirrels, they will die to heart attack due to excessive and it is pretty similar with the salt. You can also put a lot of sugar and salt on your trap.

4. Find the burrow and flood it

If the squirrel cannot find a hole in your house, they will create one, this is pretty apparent in the area where ground squirrels runs rampant. Check your yard once in a while, look for squirrel burrowing ground, if there is any burrow that you find, you just need to flood it with water. Flooded burrow will make the ground squirrel to find another place to nest, after you flooded the burrow, you can just fill the hole up with earth. Because you will not kill the squirrel with this method, it also means that you have to check your yard regularly.

5. Seal every holes on the house

Similar to the ground squirrels, if there is a hole on your house, it is where they come in so the most logical solution will be to seal the hole. This method will take a lot of time and you will need to be very observant, find any holes around your house, do not leave any place left unobserved. Whenever you find a hole seal it as soon as possible. The attic is the one place that you need to check out the most because that is the place where squirrel infestation is more prone to happen.

6. Use gas to get rid of the pest

You can always use gas to get rid the squirrel, but this method is pretty limited in use as it depends on many factors. First is your neighborhood, do not do this method if you are living in a crowded area. Next is the amount of gas that you can use, it depends on the soil of your yard. This method is very effective to get rid of squirrels but can only be used on limited occasions.

7. Squirrels hates coffee

Squirrels do not drink coffee; they do not eat coffee beans since they hate the smells of coffee so use this to your advantage. Of course if you also hate the smell of coffee, this is not a method for you. Get some coffee beans and spread them along your attic and your yard, if you cannot find coffee beans on your area, you can also use coffee powder, but you will need a large quantity of them to be effective. One disadvantage of this method is that even if the coffee managed to get rid of the squirrels, it might attract other pests that are attracted to the smell of the coffee.

8. Buy Squirrel repellant

If you have some money to spare, you can try to use those commercial squirrels repellant. Squirrel infestations are common problem faced by many people so you will be able to find squirrel repellant quite easy. There are various kinds of repellant available, but the one that we suggest you to get is the predator urine. With the predator urine, the smell will make the squirrel thinks that there are predators on your house and they will not enter your property. If you want a more natural repellant, go to the store, buy hot peppers and chili peppers, mix them all together and spray the mixture around your property.

9. Check your bird feeder

If you have bird feeders installed around your house then those places are very prone to squirrel infestation, so you have to check them regularly. Use only bird feeder that has squirrel repellant mechanism, you can easily find this on the store; might be a little bit expensive, but believe us, it’s worth it.

10. Use fencing to protect your yard

In order to protect your property from the squirrel infestation, you will need to fence underground, this is more apparent if your area is filled with ground squirrels. Get some wire fences, dig around your yard and put the wire fences down for about a foot or more; it is to make sure that even burrowing squirrels will not be able to enter your yard. This method is effective but will also cost you a lot more money than the other methods.

Squirrel Infestation Prevention

Just getting rid of the squirrel infestation is not enough, if you leave it like that a few moments, they will come again and they will come in pack. It is important for you to have ways to prevent that to ever happen again and lucky for you, we got 5 great preventions method that you can use:

  • Always clean your attic, you need to do this regularly, make sure there is nothing that could lure the squirrel to your house.
  • Always be prepare to fill up any holes on your house, the squirrels are small and they can fit even the smallest of hole.
  • The main reason for the squirrel infestation is the food, always clean your house.
  • If you have large garden and yard, use motion sensor sprinkler. It will keep the squirrel away, but it is very expensive.
  • If you money to spare, you can buy electronic squirrel repellant device, there are various kinds so choose which one you prefer.

There you have it, not only that you find will how to get rid of squirrels, but with those five methods, you will also prevent it to even happen.