10 Ways to Get Rid of Snakes from You Areas Very Fast!

Snake is actually not really dangerous to human, but many of them are poisonous and aggressive. Welcome to how to get rid of snakes guide where you can find 10 best ways to get rid of snakes from your house and yard. Snake are actually good at keeping the rodent and other types of pest out of your house, but if you accidentally anger them, they will bite and if you are unlucky enough to be bitten by venomous snake, you just got to pray that you will get the treatment fast enough.

10 Best Methods on How to Get Rid of Snakes

How to Get Rid of Snakes

1. Kill the insects around your house

The snakes come to your yard because there are foods. The garter snakes are the most common types found in the US and Canada and they are not venomous; contrary to the popular belief. They eats pest so you can actually leave them be in yards to control the insects, but if you actually hates any types of snake then you need to kill all the insects; which is a tough work, but it will guarantee that the snake will never come again.

2. Kill all the rodents

The rodents are also one of the snake’s favorite foods and if your yard got many of them, big chance that your yard is also filled with snakes. If you often find garden snakes sneaking around your area then the snake is probably hunting a mouse, squirrels or other type of rodents. But beware though, snakes that usually hunt rodents can be poisonous thus you need to get rid of their food source as soon as possible.

3. Get rid of trash pile of woods and the likes

Snakes are cold blooded, so when the weather is hot, they loves hiding in cool places and for some reason, they really like hiding inside a big pile of woods. So if you got some wooden logs around your area, clean them and put them somewhere far from your house.

4. Clean your garden

If you have a garden in your yard and for some chance you are planting a lot of tall and thick plants on your garden then you need to put those plants away from your house. As said earlier, snakes will always find a place to hide and cool down so tall plants are a perfect place for them to hide.

5. Mow down your yards

Black snakes are often found in people’s yard, and with tall grass it will be difficult to spot them, so mow down your yard to keep your grass low. There is another benefit on keeping the grass low, combined with keeping your garden away from your house then the snakes won’t come into your property because there are no places left for them to hide. For your information, the black colored snakes that people often find in their garden are actually repels the poisonous snakes from coming and they are mostly are not dangerous to human; but some still venomous and will bite if angered.

6. Use Sulfur

People have high success rate using sulfur on their yard to prevent snakes from coming in, it can also be used to clean your property off snakes. You can easily find snake repellants products that contain a high percentage of sulfur, but it is okay if you use pure sulfur on your yard and garden, but only if you can stand the smell; sulfur gives a nasty odor.

7. Biodefend snake repellant

This is a name of a product, the Biodefend snake repellant make a good substitute for the sulfur if you could not stand the nasty smell that it gives, this thing relies on bad smell to get rid of snakes, but the smell is not as bad as the sulfur. What make the Biodefend repellant so great is that they used mostly natural ingredients for the product; they do not mention what kind of natural ingredients are used unfortunately. This snake repellant can be easily gotten in store especially stores that sell gardening stuffs.

8. Snake repellant with granule

If you can’t stand the smell of sulfur and Biodefend’s smell is also too much for you to handle, then you need to find snake repellants that use granule as the main material. there are various snake repellant products that has it as the main ingredients, they do not gives bad smell; although they do gives some kinds of odor, but the smell is pretty weak. The granule is effective against snake, and it is one of the safest ingredients to be used on your garden as well.

9. Moth balls

This one method is a little bit unreliable for some strange reason. People have got a lot of success with using moth balls to repel snakes, but it only works on some species of snakes. So, depending on the types of snakes that are infesting your yard, the moth ball can either be superbly effective or it can be greatly ineffective. But since this product is cheap and can be gotten easily, it is always good to try to use it first before trying the other methods.

10. Call the pest control

If there are small children in your house then you cannot risk trying different types of methods until you can find one that is reliable, call the pest control as soon as possible. Get the professional to help you get rid of the snakes currently on your yard and house. Ask them advice on how to prevent those kinds of snakes from appearing once again.

Snakes can be poisonous, and as you can see from the list above, it is not a bad idea to keep the snakes on your garden as they eats harmful insects and rodents. But if you have small kids on your house then it is important for you to get rid of the snakes immediately. And if you wanted to do so, you can use one or multiple methods that we have showed you on these how to get rid of snakes guides.