10 Ways to Get Rid of Skunks Easily

Most often, skunks are intelligent and shy animals that are considered to be harmless. However, these adorable looking animals produce nauseating strong odor that can be a bother if they are living under your house. Keep on reading if you would like to know more about these mammals as well as how to get rid of skunks.

Methods to Get Rid of Skunks Effectively

How to Get Rid of Skunks

Skunks are omnivore animal which means they can consume plant, animal material, and even human garbage. Even though skunks may look adorable, these smelly animals can be very annoying due to their burrowing and feeding habits. They might cause some damages toward the lawn and plants as well as all over the property like porches and foundation. Prior to these reasoning, skunks unwanted presence on your property can be overcome with this method:

1. Baits

A good knowledge of skunk baits can come in handy when you want to use “trap and relocate” method. The best known baits to work on skunks are jelly, marshmallows, over-ripe bananas and peanut butter. Alternatively, canned sardines and cat food can also be used to bait skunks; however it would become a problem as these products may also attract cats.

2. Close Off Hiding Places

Sheltered areas such as porches and under decks are often used by raccoons for them to make home of. So, close off these areas with the use of plywood or rocks to prevent these creatures from snooping in. Besides those areas, log and lumber piles as well as building materials can often be used by these pesky mammals as a shelter. While on the subject of eliminating skunks’ potential hiding places, make sure to trim some branches and large bushes. These too are one of the skunks’ favorite places to hang out in.

3. Fencing

Unlike raccoons, these smelly rodents are not skilled climbers, which is why fencing is an effective way to keep skunks out of the property. When installing the fencing method, make sure that it is buried below the ground level approximately about two feet and it should stand above the ground level for at least for feet.

4. Garbage Can and Ramp

Prepare a 30 gallon metal garbage can and place it upright, preferably place it against something strong to prevent it from tipping over. Place the garbage can with baits before the sky goes dark. Make a ramp as the skunk’s pathway from the ground to the garbage can by using a long stick wood that’s thick and heavy enough to carry the weight of the skunk. After the skunk is inside, trap it by placing the garbage can’s lid and then relocate the skunk into the woods.

5. Lights On

Placing bright lights on the yard can be used as a kind of repellent towards skunks as they are shy, nocturnal creatures. Therefore, this method serves the purpose of keeping these rodents out of the property. This method considered to be one of the most effective deterrents when dealing with skunks. While keeping the lights on all night long may result in having to pay high electrical bills, energy-saving lighting or solar lighting can be considered. Or a motion sensor can also be installed and considered as an alternative to scare the skunks away if they come across your property. However, this lighting method has one flaw which is it would attract some insects such as crickets and moths that happen to like bright lights.

6. Motion Activated Sprinklers

Motion activated sprinklers are one of the safe and natural methods to get rid of skunks from the property. Install the motion activated sprinklers in strategic places which are often to be skunks’ favorite hanging out areas. The automatic activation of the sprinklers would help to scare these smelly mammals away as well as making them to avoid coming in unannounced towards your property.

7. Protect Waste

Protecting waste can help to get these pesky animals from invading the property. It would be best to purchase locking garbage cans from any local home improvement store. Make sure that the garbage cans are well secured by sealing it properly as well as stored inside the garage or shed every night. Secure the food items that you may be composting such as eggshells, old fruits, and vegetable peels by using an enclosed compost bin.

8. Remove the Natural Food Source

As omnivore, skunks will hunt for any nutritious food source that may be scattered around your property. Therefore, make sure to clean up the yard as often as possible from anything that may appeal these pesky rodents. If there are trees which produce berries, crabapples, nuts or any other fruits on the yard, make sure to rake the yard in order to get rid of the fruits that may have fallen. Besides fruits, vegetation like grass clippings piles should be well cleaned up as well due to possible seed containment. Also, make sure to harvest the ripe fruits and vegetables from the garden before they would be snatched up by these mammals. On other notes, clean up the yard or area around the house from pet food and water bowls as well.

9. Skunk Repellent

There are various repellent that are made from active and natural ingredients as well as chemicals that can be used to irritate skunks. By applying some of these chemicals, the skunks would avoid the areas as soon as they smell, taste or touch the repellents. This is because the chemical repellents come off to be offensive towards these rodents. Here are a range of skunk repellents that can be used to serve the purpose of keeping them away:

  • Ammonia

Ammonia has a magical benefit on deterring some rodents to keep them away from the area. The application is done by simply taking some old rags and soaking them into the ammonia. Put the soaked rags onto the porch as well as the under decks to prevent these smelly creatures from entering.

  • Citrus Peels

Citrus peels can be used to repel these pesky animals. Apply some lemon peels by scattering them all over the house property including the porch and the under deck. Alternatively, orange peels can be used as another option to substitute the lemon peels. The best thing about this citrus peels method is that the application is very easy and it is all natural

  • Fox and Dog Urine

Fox and dog urine can help to repel skunks as both dogs and foxes are considered as natural predators towards these smelly rodents. If you have a dog then this method should be as easy as taking the dog out to use the yard as a toilet. However, there are some products which have dog or fox urine content that can be purchased at a hardware store. And finally, spread over the fox and dog urine products along the perimeter of the yard.

  • Pepper Sprays

Pepper spray can be used as skunk deterrents. Simply use the pepper spray on the trees as well as any other areas where these nocturnal creatures has been spotted on. The pepper spray method can also help to deter squirrels as well as other wild animals.

10. Trapping

Trapping is one of the best ways to remove skunks from the property as poisoning these rodents would be inhumane as well as illegal. Trap the skunks by using baits near the den or access route towards the property. Make sure to wear heavy clothes and gloves as a precaution when releasing or relocating these mammals into the woods. Here are a range of live skunk traps which work excellently that can be purchased:

  • Dura-Poly Plastic Catch Trap
  • Odorless Skunk Trap
  • Tomahawk Spray Proof Skunk Trap
  • Tomahawk Plastic Skunk Trap

As a note, skunks spray may cause partial blindness as well as stinging the skin. So gets your property free of skunks using these 10 most effective methods on how to get rid of skunks.