10 Ways to Get Rid of Scorpions Effectively

Scorpions can be anywhere and their body lengths vary from 1/2 inch to more than 8 inches. Usually, the colors of Scorpions are ranging from tan to black, but there are other types of this creature with red or yellow colors. Some scorpions are non-poisonous while other have stinger on its tails with deadly poison. This small creature is mostly can be found in southern or southwestern areas of United States. So, if you do find scorpions, maybe in your house or yards, then we are here to give you tips how to get rid of scorpions.

About Scorpions You Should Know

One of the most popular scorpions that found in United States is Centruroides vittatus or it also known as striped scorpion. And fortunately, this type of scorpion does not have deadly poison and most scorpions that like to enter houses or yards usually do not have life threatening venom. However, it does not mean you do not need to be on guard since certain species of scorpions can be a dangerous thing especially for those who have allergy or sensitivity.

Most scorpions are active at night; they are like to hide under some places like rocks, boards, and rubbish. While inside the house, they can be found in unnoticed areas like folded clothing, closets, or even rarely used shoes. Since it can be said that scorpions are nocturnal, they like to hide during the day. In addition, these creatures do not like an area with more than one hundred degree of Fahrenheit and thus you may find it difficult to seek them hide under sands or in other outdoor shady spaces. It is not that difficult to get rid or kill the scorpions, you can try below tips to remove them at your yard or house.

Get rid of scorpions easily by trying below tips!

How to Get Rid of Scorpions

1. Seal the house

Many homeowners need to seal their house if they do not want to see some scorpions trying to sneak inside their houses. That is mean; you need to find whether there are some cracks in your house and then seal them right away, you can use silicone caulk for that. Remember scorpions can enter even from tiniest crack, you should seal around window frames as well as all the cracks in the foundation. Moreover, you need to keep your house free from clutter so you can easily spot scorpions if they trying to sneak in or already inside your house without you need to move items.

2. Lavender

Many people believe that Lavender flower can work as an effective natural repellent of scorpions. This is due to the strong smell which comes out from the lavender and how the scorpions are very sensitive with its aroma thus they like to avoid areas where the lavender is present. To keep the scorpions away from your house, you can plant lavender around your area. Alternatively, you can just pour down some lavender oil or lavender scented bleach on places you want to keep the creature away.

3. Outdoor cats

It is known that cats and scorpions are natural enemies and when the cats spot this little creatures; they often will attack then kill the scorpions. From this reason, you can try to start having a cat in your area to protect the house or yard from scorpions. Please take a note that it is very recommended you pick outdoor cat instead an indoor one since usually indoor cats tend to lose their hunting instincts. In addition, some people also believe dogs are hunting and kill scorpions as well, although the frequencies are less than the cats. Anyway, you should take a note that if you have pets around; scorpions are rarely to be found.

4. Removing scorpions nest

During the day, scorpions love to hide in a dark places and so you can start to remove their nest or shelter. Find structures that you think can be good hiding places for scorpions. After that, remove them all, you also need to keep the area neat and clean. Outdoors, you need to get rid piles of yard clippings, woods, and rocks while indoors, you need to organize your closets and bedrooms neatly since scorpions like to hide in piles of clothes or in shoes. Last but not least, stop clutter those boxes on the floor, keep them on the shelves.

5. Removing the food sources

Beside sealed your house and have outdoor cats, you also need to remove scorpions food sources to prevent them coming at the yard or inside the house. Scorpions are hunting and eating insects and that is why, if your house has bugs, cockroaches, and ants problem then you need to get rid them as they play as scorpions food sources. Some of a great way to keep the population of insects at minimum is by keep your house clean and neat. And you can also try to spray an insecticide for outdoor insects.

6. Diatomaceous earth

It is not a standard household, but of course it will effectively kill the scorpions. The diatomaceous is very dangerous for scorpions since when they eat it, the sharp crystal of the product will desiccate and cut them from the inside. What you need to do is just sprinkle it around your house and areas where do you want to keep them out of scorpions touch.

7. Borax

Borax can be a good alternative for diatomaceous earth since the sharp crystal from borax works as much as diatomaceous earth on the scorpions. And the plus point is you more likely have borax inside your house than the diatomaceous. If you do not have, you just need to purchase it at hardware stores. You have two ways to use the borax: if you prefer liquid form then you can pour it inside spray bottle then spray it around the baseboard while if you choose the powder one, then you just need to sprinkle it around the house. When the scorpions touch it, the sharp crystal will kill them instantly.

8. Hunting scorpions to kill them

If you live in an area that become favorite for scorpions then the best way to get rid them soon is by hunting them at night (when they are most active) and kill them instantly. This method is a good way to keep their population at minimum as much as possible. But, if you too afraid to do that on your own, you can just ask for professional. When hunting, you should prepare proper equipments such as black light or flashlight or headlamp plus tools to kill them like long knife or maybe heavy boots to step on them, other tools are okay as long as you sure they can be used to kill the creatures.

9. Insecticide

Maybe this is not a natural way to kill the scorpions, but of course one of the easiest methods you can try. You need to find insecticide that made specifically to kill the scorpions, spray the insecticide outdoors like around exterior of your house and on foundation wall. Indoors, you need to spray it around windows, baseboards, and doors. And do not forget to properly spray the garage as well.

10. Sticky traps

Sticky traps can be placed to trap the scorpions and this is a safe way to get rid them. Some of sticky traps designed to catch the scorpions; you just need to place the traps in dark places or around water sources. And when you do trap the creature, quickly throw away the traps and replace them with the new one.

If you think you cannot handle scorpions in your areas then that’s the time to call a professional. They can help you to control the problem with their own way and of course the best way you maybe never thought before. This is how to get rid of scorpions, hope these tips are useful for you, enjoy.