10 Ways to Get Rid of Razor Bumps Fast

Everyone hates razor bumps, thus many are looking for the most effective ways on how to get rid of razor bumps. Razor bumps are those bumps which happens after you shave, it has some of the most annoying feels that you will forced to endure, its itchy, it’s painful and its ugly. Razor bumps can happen to anyone or any gender, so if you want to know how to get rid of razor bumps fast then this list will help you with that problem effectively. Note that this only applies for razor bump problems; you can find a list of how to get rid of razor burns here.

Men’s Solutions: How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps on The Face & Neck

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps on the Face

These are the methods on how to get rid of razor bumps on men, because the majority of razor bumps on the neck and face only happens on men; although there are probably some cases on women, but that are very small in comparison.

1. Creams

The easiest ways on how to get rid razor bumps on face is by the use of creams. There are a lot of creams that are useful to be used as solution for razor bumps, those creams are all easy to find and very effective.

Antibacterial cream is good for razor bumps because it’s very effective on eliminating bacterial infection and also makes your face clean. If you are unsure on what brand of antibacterial face cream that you should use, you can always consult with a doctor.

If you are suffering from razor bumps that cause your face to swells, use hydrocortisone cream, this cream is very useful to get rid of the swelling and treating irritated skins for less itching and pain.

Creams and Lotions with Aloe Vera are probably the most well known solutions for razor bumps, the effect is quick and you don’t really need to apply it much.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Actually, the method to get rid of razor bumps on neck is pretty similar to the one used for the face. But because the neck area is not as sensitive as the face, there are more ways to counter razor bumps.

First things first, the anti bacterial oil, for this it is best if you use the tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is very good for razor bumps because it can prevent bacterial infection.

The other method is to use the apple cider vinegar, this solution is great because it can erase the bumps quickly and at the same time also prevents infection, apple cider vinegar is also very easy to find and it is cheap.

3. Aloe Vera

Creams and oils that you can easily get from the stores are quick and efficient ways of getting rid of razor bumps, but there are also traditional ways to do it.

The best traditional solution for razor bumps is to the use of cornstarch, just use the cornstarch for about 20 to 30 minutes per day on the razor bumps, and it will heal more quickly. Using unprocessed fresh Aloe Vera is also a good solution for this, but always remembers to make sure that the materials used are perfectly clean because razor bumps makes your skin more vulnerable to more bacterial infections.

4. Compress

Depending on your preferences, you can always try to apply cold compress or heat on your razor bumps. If you prefer to use cold compress for your razor bumps, always remember to use clean compress because it will directly contact the injured area. Using cold compress is good because it can prevent the razor bumps to be formed, and the coolness will helps you counter that itch or pain caused by the cuts and bumps. If you do not want to use cold compress, using heat is also recommended. Using hot compress can prevent the germs and bacteria from infecting the cuts, it will also helps with the pain caused by the razor bumps; remember to use clean cloth for the compress.

5. Change Your Shaving Technique

If you are afraid that you will suffer from more razor bumps, then you should always remember to change your shaving technique. There is no correct method for shaving, everything depends on your skin and how you use your shaver, so try to find the best shaving method which caused the least razor bumps. Because razor bumps happens after you shave, then you do not need to shave every day. Once every two or three days are enough and it will not change your appearances that much. Shaving after several days also means that your skins will have time it needed to heal and recover, if you caused another bumps while its healing, it might never heal and becomes permanent, this ruining your appearances more.

Women’s Solutions: Countering The Razor Bumps on Bikini Area

Women Shaving

Women also got the same razor bumps problems as men; the difference is that it happens at different places. Razor bumps can happen after you shave; the bikini area is particularly prone to this happening due the skins around that area is very sensitive.

This is a major problem because it can also cause itches and pains, if this problem is not addressed quickly, it might becomes a permanent scars. It will be bad if it’s seen by other people, so here is how to get rid and prevent of razor bumps on bikini area.

1. Retin-A

Because the skins around that particular area is so sensitive, please use the medications and creams that are designed to counter razor bumps on bikini area. Do not use creams that are designed to be used for another part of the body; if you do not know which brands to get, Retin-A is a good medication for razor bumps; but it is not a medication to be used if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or you want to get a wax. Retin-A is great because it will help erasing the scars caused by the razor bumps quickly. Oils or creams that used Aloe Vera as the main ingredients are also recommended.

2. Use Cotton

When you are suffering from razor bumps in that area, it is recommended that you wear underwear made out of cotton, or if you don’t have one, wear breathable underwear and clothing. Do not wear underwear made out from synthetics materials, the material will makes it difficult for your skin to get air, it will not absorb sweat resulting in more bacterial infection and in the end it will make your razor bumps more severe.

3. Hydrocortisone

Use hydrocortisone in the form of cream which will help with the inflammation as well as the itching feeling. It will get rid the bumps only in 1-3 days.

4. Cornstarch

Using cornstarch can also helps with the burns and itching as one of the natural home remedies.

5. Compress

Cold compress and heat are also recommended here; it will act the same and will kill all germs and at the same time ease the pain caused by the razor bumps. Use clean cloth which soaked inside hot water and apply it for at least 10 minutes for best result which will shrink the bumps as well.

Is there any easier way on how to get rid of razor bumps? There is actually a way which is to shave after a few days or weeks. This is so your razor bumps will be healed first before you shave it once more. But if you are afraid that the particular area will get messy if you do not shave regularly, you can always use laser hair removal; it cost a lot of money though. Waxing is another good solution, be sure to find a reputable and trustworthy waxing salon.

Prevention Tips and Tricks of Razor Bumps

When using a shaver, it is recommended to pour and rinse your shaver with alcohol first to eliminate any bacteria, do this for any razor when you are about to shave; even the newly bought one.

Utilizing shaving cream is the greatest solution to prevent razor bumps for occurring. Using shaving creams not only helps with the shaving process, but it can help you to track the areas that haven’t been shaved. When looking for the shaving cream please remember to find a brand which has some moisturizing compounds: something with Aloe Vera is also recommended.

After you’ve done your shaving, wash the shaved area with cold water to prevent swelling, it will help close the pores as well. After you pour some cold water in that particular area, pat the area gently with a clean dry cloth; remember that the area is very sensitive, do not rub harshly. Lastly, you can use deodorants on the shaved area to help with the skin irritation.

If you are using aftershave lotion, please make sure that you do not use something with alcohol. Razor bumps happens after you shave, using aftershave with alcohol in it can cause more harms than goods.

This one is logical but in case some of you do actually done this, but do not let other people use your shaving razor, no matter what happen and no matter how they asked, you do not let anyone else use your razor. If the situation is really calling for it, throw away the razor after your friend use it and get yourself a new one.

If you have razor bumps, do not ever try to scratch it, it will make it worse and probably will left a permanent scars.

In a case of razor bumps happening in the face, then you should stop rubbing your face, or at least make sure you clean your hands before you’re doing it.