12 Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons

For those who are having trouble with raccoon, this is how to get rid of raccoons out of your property tips and tricks, hopefully you will find the most suitable ways to get rid of raccoon out of your house after you read this.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons and Prevent Them to Come Back

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

If you ever wonder how to get rid of raccoons in my yards then there are 3 basic answers, one is to kill them. But, this is not recommended unless the problems are already becoming too severe to handle. Killing them won’t stop the problem anyway, if you can’t prevent it, the other one will keep coming after you kill the current one. The second one is to call for your local animal control board if you feel that you would not be able to do it yourself. The last one is to prevent the raccoon to ever coming back to your yard again, and these tips will show you just how to do that:

  1. There is a reason why the raccoon keep coming back to your property, and that is because there is something that attracted it, so the most logical ways on how to get rid of raccoons in your yards is to get rid of all things that might attract it out of your yards.
  2. Clean everything in your yard regularly, do not leaves any trash paper, household garbage, foods or even fruits from your trees. Those things attract the raccoon, especially those which it can eat. Do this daily for better result, as it’s pointless if you only do this once.
  3. Get yourself a better garbage bin. If you are unsure what type of garbage bin that can you can use and can’t attract raccoon, then it is recommended that you buy metal garbage can with tight lips. If you still think that the raccoon can lift the lip, then you can try to use lip securing device or just put some heavy weights; stones works too, on top the lip to prevent the raccoon from opening it.
  4. Similar to the trash, you need to clean your garbage can once every few days. Your garbage bin will be filled with garbage every day, so it is logical that it will smell bad too, and that smell could attract raccoon, washing it regularly will eliminate that kind of threat.
  5. Before you put your trash into your garbage bin, please make sure that everything that smells bad are put inside double plastic bag to kept the smells inside.
  6. Raccoons live in their nest, and it is recommended that you search your yard and backyard for that nest. If you find that the raccoon are nesting in or around the area of your property, you can use some ammonia scented rags or lights inside the nest to kept them away.
  7. Trash are not the only reasons why raccoon kept coming back to your property, it is possible that they got other source of food coming from your property. That’s why, while you are searching for their nest, you should also searching for their food source also. For this case, insect is probably your main enemy as they are raccoon’s favorite food.
  8. To eradicate the insect which are nesting inside your property ground there are a lot of methods to use, but the best thing is to use insect controlling products. They are easy to get and not that complicated to use.

Getting Rid of Raccoons in Other Areas

After you found out how to get rid of raccoons in your backyard and other areas surround it, now it is time to make sure that the raccoon isn’t nesting somewhere inside you house. It is a nightmare if the raccoon is indeed nesting inside your house; unfortunately it’s not that uncommon of a problem, as it occurred often.

  1. Check your attics or basement; this is super important, especially if those places are not frequently visited. They are able to nest everywhere, and those unvisited areas of your house are the perfect place for them.
  2. Close any points in your house which can be considered as the entry point for raccoon do this by using metal to cover the holes or the possible entry point. Make sure that you use strong material for this, as raccoon is pretty strong, regular net will not stop them from entering your house.
  3. Get some tennis balls, spray ammonia on them and put the tennis balls on the place that you are not visited regularly; the smell will prevent the raccoon from entering. Of course, you should do this once every few weeks or days because the smells will vanish after a while.
  4. Depending on the type of your house and the level of problems, you can contact your local animal control board and ask them advices on how to get rid of raccoons out of your house; they will check your house and give you the proper prevention methods.