10 Ways to Get Rid of Possums

Possums are very annoying especially when they infected your living area, especially since they are also very dangerous for your family. Then how to get rid of possums from your living area? As this pest is a nocturnal animal, they can easily survive in most environments. That is why they will build their home around your living area such as attics, garage, shed and even under the ground. You can see it when possums have infest your area by the burrow which they dugs in your garden, from your trash can that turned over and spread all the trash everywhere, or even worse you may even notice them stealing your food.

However you should be very careful and not to try to catch them directly by hand since they might bite you when they are afraid, which could leads to dangerous disease. This pest is carrier of various diseases which is very dangerous such as typhus. It also carries parasites such as tick, roundworm, and flea.

How to Get Rid of Possums to Protect Your Living Area

How to Get Rid of Possums

There are a lot of methods which you could use to get rid of the possums from your living area. First you can try to prevent them to infesting area, then having a few repellant can be another method, and then lastly you can also set traps. Here are the details of those methods which you could use:

1. Use better fence

This method can really prevent possums from infecting your living area. Woven wire can be use but it is better if you could use electric fence. Make a minimum 4 feet height for the woven fence and the upper foot of the fence should be facing outward thus it will prevent the possums to climb over it. For the electric type you need to ensure that the height of each wire fence should be around 3 inches at max.

2. Remove any possible shelter area

The first thing that will attract possums to infest your living area is because there are shelter areas that they could use. That is why you need to remove those shelters from around your living area. First you need to rake all bushes around your living area; you also need to stores firewood on closed place to prevent them from becoming possum’s shelter. Woodshed, garage or other shelter around your house should be close tight. If you have decks around your house, try to install metal barrier to prevent possum taking shelter there.

3. Repair open area

If there are holes and some cracks around the house you should quickly repair it to prevent possums from taking shelter or invades your house through it. if there are holes which you cannot really close because of the function you can try to cover it with screen that has one quarter of an inch grid. Vents should also be covered with insect screen. And quickly fix all holes on the screen which you installed before as well as the deck lattice.

4. Installing spikes

Another prevention method that you could use to prevent possums from invading your house area is by installing some spikes. The spikes are made using polycarbonate material with 6 cm height. so you can use and install the spikes to any surface which you think may become the way for possums to invade your living area.

5. D-Ter

This repellent will work to effects the smell and the taste bud of possums which might invades your house area. You can purchase the powder then dilute it inside a sprayer with water according to the direction. To use it you need to spray the solution you have made around your house especially on the plants which may infected by the possums.

6. Mothball

This method is done by using mothball as repellents. All you need to do is to spread a lot of mothball around your lawn to keep the possums from infecting your living area. This method is considered as very effective repellent.

7. Ammonia

You need to be very careful if you want to use this chemical as repellent since it is very effective but also hazardous chemical. That is why if you want to use it, you need to use protection yourself such as facemask and gloves. To use it, you need to fine several old cans of coffee and put ammonia inside, then stuffed the cans with unused rags which will work as fumes diffuser. Now all you need to do is just place the cans all over your living area, but remember to change the ammonia daily until you get rid of the possums. And do not let children or babies come near it.

8. Capture cage

This trap is use when you want to capture the possum alive so it is very suitable for you who live in urban area. You can get the cage from your local supply store and do not use it right away after you purchase them. You need to leave it on outdoor area before usage for a few days. For use, you need to put them around the plants where possums destroyed or on area where the possums like to run. Make sure that the ground is rigid so the cage can stay in place. Put the cage towards where the possums most likely to come out from. Put on bait on the cage’s trigger and hold open the door of the cage.

9. Leg holding traps

Leg holding traps are another solution which you could use to get rid of those possums since by trapping and moving those possums away, they will not coming back. You can use this trap which will hold the possum’s legs and tie them to a place for you to capture. Put the trap in places where the possums are often traveled. You might also need to use bait and rub it on the trap so possums will be attracted. Link the trap to any strong things you have in the garden with as minimum distance as possible. Clear other objects around the trap so the possums would not get injured.

10. Killing traps

This type of trap is not often use but if you have no other way, it may also become the solution you search for especially when you have moderate size garden area. Timms killing trap is the popular brand that you could use, although there are other local traps you may found. It is very simple to use and you can set it easily, all you need to do is to place the traps on the ground and peg it to secure. Be very careful if you have pets since they might get caught in the traps. So you may also set it on the tree, roof or even fence. To set it on those areas you need to drill holes on the side of the trap then put strong cord through it. Use the cord to fasten the trap into position.

Actually to get rid of the possums you do not need to harm them, all you need to do is to make their live miserable and they will eventually leave your living area on their own. Effective method is by eliminating the possum’s food source which becomes number one attraction for them to come to your house area. You need to ensure that your trash can is closed tightly even though it will stumble. Possums will try to make it stumble to open the can so choose can with locks or ensure they would not stumble. If you have pets, you need to collect the remains of their pet food so possums would not eat them, do it before dark. Try to use several of these tricks and learn how to get rid of possums which suitable for your condition.