10 Ways to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

If you notice several small insect or larva in your kitchen cupboard, then it might be the sign that your pantry has been infested by pantry moths. Then how to get rid of pantry moths? This small creature often comes from food or items that you bring inside your kitchen. At first they are available in the form of eggs which will hatch inside your kitchen. It will then destroy your kitchen pantry, and spreading to all cupboards when you do not do anything. That is why when you see even only small number of moths around your kitchen, be sure you clean everything in your kitchen and dispose every item that has been infected by the moths.

Learn How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths Thoroughly from Kitchen

How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Getting rid of those moths from your pantry could not be done simply by removing the moths since what you need to truly get rid of it is the source of the moths itself. That is why you must do some methods which could help you to truly getting rid of these moths from your entire kitchen.

1. Removing moth’s larva as well as adult type moth

Start with the easy thing which is why removing what you can see. You will see the moth with gray color which may also have a few tints of white or red colors; usually it is half inch long. For the moth’s larva, the size is the same but they look more like a worm and have 10 legs on its body.

You might be able to see several moths flying throughout your kitchen which particularly happen during the night rather than day, so it is better to get rid of those. Search for the moth’s larva throughout your kitchen and pay attention more on the dry food type. Those are the type of food where moth loves to hide such as rice, cereals, flours as well as other grain type food and dried fruit. If you store your pet food inside the kitchen, then it also needs to be checked. Scan the area well especially on your cupboard corners which dark and may become hideout for the moths.

2. Remove cocoon web and pupae

After the moth’s larva stage then they will become cocoon which is why they will create webbing throughout your kitchen. Usually they would not create webs around the food although some moths might do so, so be sure to still search it on the food stocked. They usually will go to crevice found on your cupboard or pantry as well as any seams on your kitchen door or on the lids of jar and can. If you have closets around your pantry, you need to be careful since they might also create webbing around the clothes so do not confuse them as clothes moths.

3. Clean your kitchen thoroughly

If you want to clean your kitchen from moths do not only set aside items inside the pantry as you usually do, but you need to completely remove everything from inside the pantry so it would be empty. While you do it, pay attention to every food that you take out from inside the pantry for possible infest. If you already open a bag of food and have not see any larva or even adult stage moths then you can try to place it on your freezer for at least one week long. This will kill all the eggs that possibly infesting the food, although it is better to just throw everything away especially when you see larva in it.

4. Use vacuum cleaner

As you might miss the eggs or even unseen larva on the cupboard, you need to use vacuum cleaner to vacuum everything away. Try to find angular nozzle which you could equip with the vacuum‘s hose, this to ensure you could reach every surface. Clean everything from the base, wall, and corner in your cupboard. Do not forget about your shelf liner since you also need to clean its underside; try to remove it for better clean and replace broken one. Vacuum longer on area where you found the webbing or other moth’s stage. Do not leave out to vacuum the pantry’s hardware as well as pin hole and wire shelving.

5. Use bleach

Before you do the next step which is by using soap to scrub, it will be better when you apply bleach first. With the help of the bleach it will increase the effectiveness of the soap so the pantry will be completely clean. To do it you need to soak an old rug on bleach then rub the cupboard entire surface. Make sure you use facemask and have good ventilation when doing it.

6. Use soap

As the old method of cleaning, you need to use the good old soap with a bowl of hot water to scrub the entire surface of your cupboard. Take a sponge then just scrub everything in sight such as floor, shelves, wall, and door of the cupboard. Pay attention on the spot with good hideout such as door jamb and hinges which may be infested by larvae. Scrub under the racks and liners thoroughly to completely clean everything.

7. Use white vinegar

This method is very effective to sanitize your pantry area from moths and prevent them to coming back to your kitchen area. Prepare a spray bottle and filled it with white vinegar, to straighten its effect you can also use a few drops of essential oil such as tea tree, citronella, peppermint, and even eucalyptus. Now you can spray your cupboard surface with the liquid then rub them. use the same liquid to clean your food container which may be infested by the moths even though you might not clearly see it.

8. Use bay leaf

Another method that you can use to prevent the moths from coming back is by using bay leaf. Use a tape to attach them on your pantry walls and put several leaves scattered on the cupboard shelves. You also need to put the leaves on your dry food to protect them from moths, just put it directly inside the bag or you can also use tape to attach it to the container’s lid.

9. Use glue trap

If you still have a few moths flying around on your kitchen at night, you can try to capture them using this glue trap which you could easily get from your local supply store. Try to search for a trap which contains pheromone which could attract male moth and trap it on the glue. The male moth will be stuck in the glue and will then die, thus this method will highly reduce the moth’s production.

You can try to use double tape and put one side on the trap’s non adhesive then the other side on your cupboard wall to set it in place inside your kitchen pantry, and then just remove the paper cover to expose the glue. If there are large numbers of moths inside your kitchen, then you might want to use more than one trap. When you do not want to put tape on your cupboard you can attract the trap inside a tube made from carton paper then just hung the tube inside the pantry. Usually the glue will still be effective for 6 months but if you see that there are too many moths attached to the trap then it is better replace it since it might not be as effective as before.

10. Use crevice and crack sprayer

Once you clean your cupboard from the infection, you need to make sure there are no hideouts of the moth, so you need to spray every crevice and crack inside your cupboard. This sprayer contains insecticide which will help you getting rid of the moths completely. The sprayer comes with an injector tip which you could use to shot at the crevice and crack inside the pantry. Spray every spot for at least one second before moving towards other spot. The white residue from the sprayer could be easily removed using wet towel. Use this method before you put anything inside the cupboard.

To help you get rid the entire moths from the pantry, cleaning every item inside your kitchen is needed. Make sure you inspect everything including unopened dry food and some that you store inside a container to ensure the moths have not infested them. Afterwards you also need to wash the containers using soap and hot water. Thoroughly scrub every surface of the containers including the lids to remove any possible moth trace such as the eggs or larva. Then you can dry them before using it again.

If you use the cleaning method that uses liquid, be sure that you wipe dry the cupboard to remove the moist since the moth live through the moist inside your cabinet. Make sure to throw away the infested food and vacuum bag as far away from your house or at least far from your kitchen wall to ensure they would not come back. You can see that learning how to get rid of pantry moths is very easy thing to do.