10 Ways to Get Rid of Hornets Super Fast

In some country, it is essential to know how to get rid of hornets especially if you are living in Europe or the United States. The hornets is a type of wasp, they do looks very similar but have several differences, hornets looks a lot like the yellow jacket and some people usually confuse the two. The easiest way to see whether the one flying around you is a hornet or a regular wasp is to check the size and the head. Hornets are usually bigger about 1.5 to 2 inches, while wasps are usually smaller about 1 inch at most. The head of a hornet is also bigger than wasp, with wasp having more rounded head and hornet having oval-like head shape.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Hornets

How to Get Rid of Hornets

1. Using insecticide

Wasp and hornet can be killed by using the same methods, thus using the same wasp insecticide is also effective against hornet. Finding wasp insecticide is easier since they are more commonly found, so you can just buy a couple from the store. It is important for you to spray the hornet nest with the insecticide at night or dawn since the hornets won’t be flying around the nest at the time. When dealing with hornets, you should always wear a protective gear, hornets are extremely aggressive as wasps, unlike bees, one hornet can sting you multiple times, and their stings are dangerous; some people might suffer from allergic reaction from the hornet sting.

2. Use soap spray as the substitute

Although it is not as effective as the proper insecticide, if you cannot find any stores around you that sells wasp or hornet insecticide, you can make do with making your own soap spray. Of course, just spraying the soap mixture onto individual hornet is not an effective to get rid of them, so you need to locate the nest first, wear your protective gear while you are looking for the nest. Once you have found the nest of the hornets, spray your soap mixture onto the nest, while doing this, do not just standing at one place, keep moving, the hornets will attack you while you are spraying the mixture. Important note, you can mix the soap mixture with many kinds of detergents to increase its effectiveness.

3. Bag and throw the nest away

This method should be done after you are doing the above methods, make sure that you killed most of the hornets around the nest first to reduce the chance of you getting stung by a horde of angry hornets. To get rid of a hornet nest is very important, because even if you spray the hornet’s nest with insecticide or the soap mixture, there are chance that some of them might still be alive inside the nest and in due time, the colony will start to grow big again.

Buy a strong plastic bag, and wear your protective gear just in case some adult hornets are still alive. Place the bag under the hornet nest, cut the nest, and once it falls into the plastic bag, quickly fill the bag with insecticide or soap mixture, shut the bag and throw it away or burn it.

4. Grew some plants that the hornets does not like

Some plants are actually a natural hornet’s repellants so you can try to grow some of these plants on your garden and there won’t be hornets trying to build a nest around your area. Of course, because you are going to grow this on your garden, it is important to choose plants that can also makes your house looks better, some of the natural hornets deterrent plants that can also be used for garden decorations are citronella, mint, eucalyptus, and wormwood. You can try a combination of these plants or just one, but make sure that you plant plenty of them.

5. Fake nests can deter the hornets from building their nest around you

A popular way to prevent the hornets from coming to your garden and start building nest is to put up one or more fake nest on your house. Hornets won’t be building their nest if there are one or more colonies present on the area and this product can be found easily since it’s used by many people. If you are unsure about the effectiveness of the fake nests sold by the stores, you can make one yourself.

6. Be careful for the underground nest

What is annoying about the hornets is the fact that sometimes hornets build their nest underground, it going to make it more difficult for us to locate the nest. If you see a bunch of hornets flying around but you do not see their nest, it is best to assume that their nest is underground. Underground nest sounds very annoying to get rid of, but it actually very easy to kill the entire colony of hornets on that underground nest; you can just block the entrance with cement or something tight.

7. Sandwich bag filled with water

Other easy way to get rid of hornets that can be done by practically anyone around the world is by hanging sandwich bags that is filled with water. This easy to make device will make the hornets think that they are spider’s nests since spider is their predator, the hornets will less likely to build their nest around that area. Unfortunately, it might not be that effective on some types of hornets.

8. Deadly funnel trap for hornets and wasp

Other effective ways to kills off the hornets and wasps around your area is to build traps. There are a lot of different traps available for this job and one of the most effective one is the funnel trap. Get a bottle, make two or three holes and put yellow rubber funnels on the holes; you can buy the rubber funnel on the stores easily. Put some hornets and wasps bait on the bottle and hang it in the front of your house. The funnel allows the hornets to get into the bottle but they won’t be able to get out. This trap is effective to reduce the number of the hornets before you decide to take on their nest.

9. Glass hive trap that can also be used as decoration

The above methods are effective, but hanging a bottle filled with dead wasps and hornets makes your house looks a lot worse so if you want something that can kill the hornets while at the same time also act as decorations, you can use the glass hive trap. You can buy the glass hive trap on the stores and there are various colors available, so you can chose whichever you want. This glass trap also often attracts bees and the likes so it is a risk that you have to take; unlike wasps and hornets, you do not want to kill bees, they are good and rarely attack people.

10. Electric zapper

You know of that electric insect zapper that usually shaped like a tennis racket? You can use that or buy an electric trap that works just like that electric tennis racket. This is an effective ways to kills of any types of insects, although for hornets you will need one which has stronger electrical power. Do not forget that you will probably need more than of this zapper as they usually broke down easily.

As you can see, the most important aspect of getting rid your house of hornets is to get rid of the nest, it is a dangerous job. If you are too afraid of the hornets to even try some of the methods on how to get rid of hornets listed here, you can always try to ask for help from the professionals, it cost a lot more money though.