10 Ways to Get Rid of Grubs Naturally

Welcome to how to get rid of grubs article where you can find out the best method on how to eliminate these nasty looking, foul smelling, and environment destructing disgusting little creatures. In case you do not know what the grubs are so these are the larvae of insects, there are a lot of types of grubs, some are harmless, but others can destroy your hard worked plants and flower just in the matter of days.

If your yard or garden is infested by grubs then all of your plants and flowers will be gone in no time, why? That is because grubs are not alone, they always comes in pack and not a regular pack as well. If your yard is infested by them, you are probably dealing with thousands of them. Imagine it, thousands of these disgusting things on your yard eating the roots of your plant, you need to get rid of them quick and these are how you do that.

How  to Get Rid of Grubs

How to Get Rid of Grubs

1. Don’t get your soil wet

You need to understand how the grubs work first and depending on what type of grubs that is in your area, you might need to resort for different method. The most common type of grubs is the Japanese beetle larvae and June bug larvae, they are vicious and they will kill the plants on your yard very quick. Fortunately, there are easy ways to counter this, because these grubs love moist places and they came from underground. The most logical way to prevent them coming to your yard is to keep the soil of your yard dry. Do not water your land too much or else the soil will get wet and they will be coming in pack, water periodically once per week and you should be fine. Of course this method is only applicable if the plants on your yard are those which do not need regular watering.

2. Get specific long rooted plants

As said earlier, it is not wise to water your yard often if you have suffer from Grubs infestation before so is you want some plants on your yard, pick plants that do not requires excessive watering, find plants that can be watered only once per week. The other substitute for this method is using only plants with deep root. There are deep rooted grasses that you can buy on stores, they do not require excessive watering and you can make do just by watering your yard once per week. One thing that you need to know though, these plants which only require less water does not look very good though so your garden will probably not look as good as you want if you are resorting this method.

3. Use traps

If you want your garden to still look beautiful and remove your garden from the grubs infestation then you will need other solution. One of the best solutions is to trap those grubs and remove them. This is an effective way to make sure that the grubs will not eat the roots of your precious plants, but the negative is that you will have to remove the trapped grubs regularly. The best way to trap the grubs is by using the dead tree, band the dead tree with unused cardboard that is corrugated, it will traps various moths and beetles larvae so that you can remove them all at once. Unfortunately, you will need to get a lot of dead trunks and cardboard regularly for this.

4. Wireworm easy trap

If you think that you will not have enough dead trunks or cardboard for the above method to work properly for a long time, you can also use this method. This method is pretty similar in function as the above but it will works only with some types of bugs larvae. Check first what type of bugs larvae that is currently infesting your garden and yard, if the pest are from the click beetle; which is also known as the potato eating wireworms then you know what is the best object to bait them.

First you scoop small holes on your yard, put cardboards or any kinds of boards around the hole and at the center of it, you put potatoes as bait. The potato in the whole will attracts most of the wireworms in your yard so you can gather and remove them all at once. This method is perfect for those who are growing potato on their yard, but you can always try changing the bait with other type of objects that can attract the grubs that is infesting your yard.

5. Milky Spore method

If not watering your yard so often is not solving your problem and you are to disgusted to use the trap methods which requires you to be close to them in order to remove the traps then you can always use the traditional method and by traditional we mean by using the chemical pesticide. Fortunately, the technology has brought us so far that we can now have various types of chemical solutions and one of them is the Milky Spore. The Milky Spore is a great solution for your grubs problem, not only that it is superbly effective in killing rubs, it is also environmental friendly. The Milky Spore will cause a disease known as the milky disease, put this on your yard and the grubs around the area will be infected by this milky disease and they will soon died out.

6. Other chemical method; imidicloprid

Now, if you love gardening and stuff like that then you know that earthworms are good for your soil right? So you need to kill the grubs without killing the earthworms, so you do not want to use the Milky Spore because you are afraid that it will also kill the earthworm. That is understandable, so you need to find another pesticide that can be used to kill off grubs but also will not affect the earthworms. The best way for this solution is to find pesticide that contains imidicloprid, this substance kills grubs will not affect the earthworms.

7. Neem oil; the natural insecticide

Or you can also use natural pesticide, this chemical pesticide can be made easily by everyone and thus saving you a lot of money as you do not need to buy pesticide regularly. To make this natural pesticide, you will need the neem oil; this is a substance that you can get from neem tree. The neem oil is very effective at killing grubs and all you need to do is to mix the neem oil with water.

8. Use good nematodes to kill grubs

If you do not want to resort to chemical solution then using the nematodes could be a great effective method of controlling the grubs’ population on your yard. Unfortunately, this is not a method that can be used improperly since there are various types of nematodes that some can even damage your plants. So when you buy nematodes; which can be found easily in farm stores and the likes, please make sure that you follow the instruction properly.

9. Let your chicken loose

If your environment allows it, you can just get some chickens; they are a natural enemy to grubs. Letting loose some chickens on your garden will effectively kills all the grubs. Unfortunately, this method might not be suitable for those living in busy area.

10. Grow thick grass

Now, this last method is for the lazy, if you do not really tends your garden or yard regularly then you can just over seed your yard or garden. Those grubs apparently do not like thick and long grass, this will make your yard or garden looks bad and unattended though.

There you go, 10 methods that will effectively eliminate the threat of those disgusting pest on your yard, there are methods perfect for various situation, so pick some that are doable on your environment. Hopefully after reading this, you now understand how to get rid of grubs on your garden.