10 Ways to Get Rid of Gophers

Gophers can do quite a good damage towards your property as they burrowing tunnels as a shelter against the sun. These pesky rodents are responsible for plants damage on the garden area. But, not to worry as there are several remedies on how to get rid of gophers that can help to sort out the problem and end the gophers damage for good.

Home remedies to get rid of gophers

How to Get Rid of Gophers

As gophers are herbivores, they are bad news to gardeners as they can consume and destroy vegetation in massive amounts. These pesky animals cut the roots of trees and vines beneath the surface and pull the remaining plant into their burrows. Not only that this behavior causes few damages here and there, but it can lead to causing the plants to die. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of these rodents from the property as soon as possible by considering some of these methods:

1. Chewing Gum or Soft Candy

Soft candy or chewing gum is a popular method that can work well to remove these pesky rodents out of the property. Use a fruit-flavored gum or soft candy and dump it into the gopher burrows and let these pests consume the candy and eventually they’d die. Make sure that while tossing in the gum, a pair of latex gloves has been out on as to avoid contaminating the gum from human scent.

2. Eliminating Food Supplies

Limited food supplies can trigger the gophers to relocate from the area as they would prefer fertile area filled with greenery and plants. As they feed on flowers, plants and vegetables, you can try limiting these things from the garden. However, getting rid of all your plants are not necessary as it can simply be done by protecting the plants with chicken wire baskets and mulch.

3. Gassing

Gassing the gophers’ burrows can help to get rid of these pesky animals by killing them due to pulmonary hemorrhage. This remedy may be done in two different ways:

  • Car exhaust

Begin the remedy by preparing the tunnels covering them up with soil, leaving only one open. Using a garden hose to transfer the gas from your car to the remaining tunnel, turn the car on for about 15-30 minutes so that the tunnel will be filled with poisonous carbon monoxides.

  • Gopher burrow blasters or detonator

Purchase a few gopher burrow blasters or detonator and then toss them into the tunnels using the instructions by the products. The blasters or detonators will kill the pests living inside the tunnel by flooding it with gas mixture of oxygen and propane. The products may not only kill gophers, but also other burrowing animals such as badgers, ground hogs, ground squirrels, prairie dogs and voles.

4. Increase Water Supply

Increasing water supply on the garden area will make the soil become muddy, and as gophers dislike muddy grounds, this can help to get rid of gophers. This remedy can be done by watering the gopher tunnel with the help of garden hose. Start by covering up most gopher holes with soil and then flood the remaining tunnel with water for about 30 minutes. If there are any escaping gophers, kill or trap them. Make sure that the tunnels are created by gophers, otherwise if they are ground moles’ then this water remedy may just be a waste as ground moles love damp soils.

5. Noisy Environment

Loud noises is a bother to many animals including gophers thus noisy environment can be a trigger to make these creatures move to a quitter surroundings. Try creating a noisy environment on your property with using objects like wind chimes and portable radio. The soft and chiming noises that the wind chime makes can be enough to make these rodents crazy. As for the portable radio, you can tuck a battery powered portable radio in to the gopher tunnel once it’s been covered with a Ziploc bag. This noise remedy can give a result in a few days, and finally you can say goodbye to gophers.

6. Pet’s Droppings

If you have pets like cats and/or dogs, their waste can help to get rid of gophers. This is because cats and dogs are considered as natural gopher predators. Simply toss the poop of your beloved pets into the gopher’s tunnels and mounds, note that one or two droppings should be enough so you do not need to go overboard with it. Once the gophers smell the pets waste, they would evacuate from the area as they think that the predators are nearby.

7. Plants

There are several plants that you could grow on the area to help repel the gophers. The most known plant that can act as a gopher repellent is Euphorbia Lathyris or often called as Gopher Spurge. Simply plant a few of the Gopher Spurge on the areas that are infested with these pesky burrowers. Besides the Gopher Spurge, other alternative plants that can be considered are castor beans, daffodils, marigold, and oleander.

8. Release Predator

Gopher predator is the easiest way to get rid of these pests from the garden. Even though cats and dogs are considered as predator to gophers, not all kinds of cats and dogs can do the task. Only the dedicated and skilled ones that can help to hunt these pesky rodents such as cats that are used to hunt, and dogs like Jack Russel Terrier. Other than cats and dogs, gopher’s natural predators are owls and snakes.

9. Scents Repellent

As gophers have quite sensitive noses, a certain smell that these rodents resent can help to repel them. These certain smells are among castor oil, coffee grounds, fish, mothballs and tabasco sauce. Here are some of the effective ways to use these smells as gopher repellent:

  • Castor oil ¾ Blend the castor oil with some water, and then apply the castor oil mixture into the tunnels with the help of spray bottle. Alternatively, droppings of castor oil capsules can also be applied into the holes.
  • Coffee grounds ¾ After enjoying a cup of coffee, utilize the coffee grounds into the gopher tunnels by sprinkling them. Make sure to cover up the hole with soil afterwards. Alternatively, the coffee grounds can be sprinkled all over the garden to make it pest-free while also enhancing the soil fertility.
  • Fish ¾ Plant the scraps like fins from your fishing activity into or around the gopher tunnels
  • Mothballs ¾ The smell of naphthalene in mothballs can deter these rodents away, simply by dumping a couple mothballs inside the tunnel and then cover it up with plastic to trap the smell in the tunnels.
  • Tabasco sauce¾ Make a mixture of a teaspoon of Tabasco sauce along with half a cup of castor oil, a few drops of peppermint oil and a cup of water. Using some cotton balls; put the cotton balls into the tunnels once they have been soaked by the mixture.

10. Traps

Trapping is known to be the safest and well-working remedy to get rid of rodents. Before starting to set up the trap, soil preparation is necessary by covering up all holes with soil leaving only one or two as the main tunnel of entrance and exit. Put on a pair of latex gloves and wash the trap with unscented soap and warm water or rubbing some fresh rosemary on the trap to disguise the human scent. Place the trap on the main tunnel with the open end facing the tunnel’s insides, and then cover it up with either black plastic or burlap or sheet to prevent any light reaching into the hole. After the gopher has been trapped, you can either call up animal control or relocate them to a distant location so they won’t find their way back to your garden.

These are the 10 most effective home remedies on how to get rid of gophers. Keep in mind that some of these remedies may take some time to give results, so be patient before you decide to try another method. In addition, be alert for gopher re-infestation as these pesky animals like to use old tunnel networks.