13 Ways to Get Rid of Gas Immediately

Gas is a problem suffered by everyone and this list will help you to figure out the best ways on how to get rid of gas on your stomach. Gas is caused by the air on our stomach and that air can cause a lot of problems; from a stomach pains, bloating and chest pains. Usually, we do not know when it will strike, and sometimes, the gas came out unexpectedly as farts. Imagine if you fart in public, its super embarrassing, so if you have some bloated feeling on your stomach right now, these are the solutions on how to get rid of gas and bloating.

How to Get Rid of Gas with Home Remedy

How to Get Rid of Gas Easily

There are actually a lot of solutions available on how to get rid of gas immediately. Traditional ways of using various home remedies are probably the best and cheapest ways to counter said problems. Because gas occurred naturally, it is recommended that you also use natural solution for this problem, so here is how to get rid of gas home remedy way.

1. Hot Water

Hot water is one of the cheapest ways to get rid of your gas out of your stomach. Drinking hot water when you feel bloated will warm your stomach and it will give you that comfortable relaxing feeling. Unfortunately, this method does not seem to be able to cure those with chronic gas problems, but for those who are not suffering from chronic gas problem, you can try this out first before trying any other methods.

2. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is already known as one of the best solution for stomachache. Peppermint has menthol inside which has the effect of relieving stomach pain. Peppermint tea also good for those suffering from gas pain, it will relaxes your stomach muscles and digestive muscles, peppermint tea is easy to find and not expensive either. If you want to try this method, please make sure that you are using hot water and drink the tea while it’s still warm.

3. Ginger

The other great solution on how to get rid of gas is by using ginger. Ginger is also long been known as a medicine for various kinds of stomach problems and ginger is actually a superb solution for anyone with stomach gas problem. Ginger has the ability to relax your digestives and heals inflammation inside your stomach; this is because ginger contains gingerols and shogaols. There are various ways of using ginger to counter gas problems, one is by chewing it, or if you don’t really fond on how ginger taste, you can always drink ginger tea; and make sure you drink it while it still warm for the best effect.

4. Chamomile Tea

For those who don’t fancy how the peppermint tea taste like and also do not like to try ginger there is another type of herbal tea that you can try. The chamomile tea is also can be used to counter gas problems, it is widely popular in Germany and it used as a counter to various digestives problems. The chamomile has the ability to ease inflammatory, relieve the stomach out of gas and to counter stomach muscle spasm. Although it is not as effective as the peppermint tea for stomach gas problem, the chamomile tea is better at many more things, as it helps with yours other digestive problems. The chamomile tea is also very common and cheap, and as usual, make sure you drink it while it still warm for best result.

5. Coriander and Caraway

Use some particular spices on your food to counter stomach gas problems. The spices best used to counter this problem are coriander and caraway. Coriander has been known for a long time for its effect of relieving stomach upset, diarrhea, stomach spasm, nausea, hernia and many other stomach problems. The coriander is great solution for stomach gas, unfortunately the coriander might cause allergy, so only use this spice if you are sure don’t have any allergic symptoms for consuming coriander. Caraway is mostly used for gas problem only, it probably has other effects on the digestive system, but it is mainly used to let that gas out of your stomach. If you find yourself suffering from trapped gas inside your stomach, chew some caraway based food, even caraway crackers can be beneficial too.

6. Pumpkins

If you found yourself suffering from a lot of stomach gas problem recently, then you can try to eat more pumpkins. The pumpkins are great for those who are often suffer from stomach problem, it can help out digestive system to create less gas than usual. There is no proper way on how you should prepare the pumpkin based meal if you want it solely for this purpose, so it is up to you on how to prepare the pumpkin as it is effective no matter how you eat it.

7. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice or lemon tea is also a great solution for this gas problem. Lemon water or lemon tea can also helps you prevent that particular stomach gas problem, lemon contains citric acid, and this substance can help you break down the gas caused by the bacteria inside your digestive system. Drink lemon water or lemon tea at least once per day and you will not suffers from this stomach gas problem; of course it still depends on your diet and drink it while it still warm is recommended.

8. Papaya

Also a good solution to help someone who often suffers from stomach gas and other digestive problems is papaya. Papaya is probably one of the best fruit for various kinds of stomach problems, eating papaya regularly are guaranteed to help you with your various digestive problems; stomach gas is one of them.

9. Anise Seed

Stomach gas problems are also known to usually occur when people are feeling distressed, so if you are one of those people, the best way to counter those gas problems which are caused by stress is to relax yourself. Anise seed is one of those consumable items which can help you relax, and why does anise seed is specifically good for stomach gas problem? That is because anise seed has the carminative effect, in simpler words, it helps you farts.

10. Garlic and Cinnamon

To ease the stomach pain caused by the gas, it is said that garlic and cinnamon are great solutions. You can drink a cup of garlic soup to counter your gas problem; it can also be a great way to prevent various stomach gas problems to occur if you drink it regularly. If you do not consider garlic soup to be your thing, you can try mixing milk with cinnamon, or even make cinnamon tea, drink it while it still warm similar as the other.

Other Ways to Counter Gas Problems

If you already tried some or most of the methods above but still find yourself with gas problem or those who don’t fancy trying those traditional herbal medicine, these are how to get rid of gas using more methods:

1. Farting

How to get rid of gas fast? Probably the most obvious answer for this question is to let it go. Farting is the quickest way to get rid of your stomach gas, it is simple, fast and don’t cost you anything. Sometimes you are suffering from these kinds of gas problem in a place where you cannot get your proper method, so in that kind of case just let the gas loose is the best solution. Friendly reminder, please be sure to let it loose at a place where nobody would notice or if you can’t hold it any longer and can endure the embarrassment, you can let it loose wherever you like; truly not recommended by any means whatsoever.

2. Exercise

Do some exercise; this will help your metabolism tremendously. It will slowly ease your stomach gas symptoms, and by doing exercise regularly every day, it also helps you prevent any stomach gas problem from occurring in the future. Remember that you should not exercise right after you eat or else it will cause more damage to your digestive system.

3. Medicines

Taking some medicines are also great way to counter your gas problems, but they cost you more money compared to the traditional ways. Medicines act faster compared to most traditional ways, but it is not really recommended because it might cause other side effects. If you are considering this method, Antacid is probably your best bet. Antacid is guaranteed to help you with your stomach gas problems, eat this medicine 30 minutes after you eat if you feel any symptoms of stomach pains.

If you think that you are suffering from chronic stomach gas problem and have tried all the method above with little to no avail, then you got no choice but to contact a doctor for it.

Gas Problem Prevention Tips and Tricks

  • Exercise every day, it makes yourself healthy and helps you with your metabolism, causing less gas problems, do this regularly or else you will not feel any effect whatsoever.
  • Whenever you feel like farting, do not endure it for long, it is best to find a safe place quickly and let it out.
  • Beware of your diet; do not eat many foods which can cause gas. There are a lot of foods that can cause a lot of gas, so check out before you eat.
  • Eating slowly is recommended, when you chew your food thoroughly it makes your digestive system to function easily and it will produce less gas.
  • Carbonated drinks are a big no for those who are suffering from stomach gas problem. While most foods or drinks caused gas after it was processed inside your digestive system, carbonated drink already contains gas, it will makes your stomachache worse, avoid this if you can or drink as little as you possibly can.
  • Drink more water, it helps prevent future stomach gas problems.
  • For a lot of people, stress can also caused stomach gas problem, so reducing stress probably is the best way on how to get rid of gas easily.