10 Ways to Get Rid of Bruises Fast

When you are injured you might see a few parts of your skin change color into red and purple. It might also be accompanied with swelling or delicacy on the injured area. Then after days you will see that the color will change again into bluish or blackish color. These are bruises caused by the damage of blood vessels receive from the injury, then how to get rid of bruises fast? If you have skin tissues that are very delicate, then you will be most likely getting bruised easier compared to normal people. Lacking vitamin D may also become another cause, as well as because coagulation or platelet problems.

Because of the blood leaking out from the damage blood vessels it will turn your skin color. You can see the change on the skin color within minutes but it is hard to remove the spot afterward. Bruise is divided into 3 types which are basic, light and moderate bruises. The lightest bruises might not be very difficult to treat compared to the other two types of bruises. When the bruises are starting to be healed it will change color again into tan or green then it will become blurry become comeback to your normal skin tone.

How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast with Home remedies

How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast

As inflammation occurs to the area it is very hard to remove the bruise which normally will take around twelve to fifteen days to recover and even one month for more severe cases. However there are some home remedies which you could use to make the recovery process faster. You should treat the bruises as early as you can so it would not turn into scar. Here are some home remedies you can use to treat light bruises with natural ingredient that you could easily found at home:

1. Ice pack

This method is known as first aid for bruises since a long time ago. The cold temperature will be able to cool down the blood vessels and prevent further leaking. Just put an ice pack on your bruise for around ten minutes to relief the pain and do not apply more than 20 minutes.

If pack is not available you can use ice water by soaking cloth inside then apply it to the bruised area. Pack of frozen veggies can also be used to get rid of a bruise overnight. Just wrap towel around it then apply it to the injury. Last you can also use stainless steel spoon which you could freeze on the freezer. This is very effective to be applied on bruises around the eyes.

2. Bandage

To prevent the bruise to spread to bigger area, you can use plastic or elastic type bandage to control it. Just wrap the bruised area immediately after you see your skin change color. This method is also very good to be use to make the healing process faster. You can also use cloth as alternative.

3. Hot water

This method is the exact opposite method of ice pack even though it gives the same result. The hot temperature will help you reducing clot blood as well as slowing down the flow of blood on the injured area. It is better when you could use moist heat since it could penetrate better to the skin tissue thus spreading it faster. To apply it you can fill water bottle with hot water, soaking towel with hot water, and also taking warm bath.

4. Vinegar

This home remedy is not only good to clean dirt, but it is also very good to clean clotted blood. It will drive the blood that pooled in your skin away thus eliminating bruises on face. To use just mix warm water with vinegar then apply it on the bruised area.

5. Pineapple

This fruit contains bromelain enzyme which will be able to digest protein on the destroyed blood vessels. The protein is the one causing inflammation, and bruise on your skin. it is recommended taking 500 mg of this enzyme daily to make the bruises fade away faster.

6. Chocolate

To relief bruises on legs instantly you can try to melt a pack of dark chocolate then apply it on your affected area after it warm down. Next is to cover it with bandage so the chocolate will become dry. This hot pack is used to controlling the flow of the blood in the damaged vessels, which will be able to reduce the appearance of bruise instantly.

7. Tamarind and turmeric

When combined this two home remedies work very great to treat bruises because it has medicinal as well as therapeutic properties. Just take tamarind powder then add water to get paste consistency then put a couple pinch of turmeric, mixed it evenly. Heat the paste and apply it on the bruised area. Use cotton cloth to cover the paste and left it for a while.

8. Onion

It is very well known that onion has anti inflammatory properties so it is very good to treat damaged skin and bruises. Just extract the juice then apply it to the area where the blood vessels are injured. Left them for a while so your skin could absorb the juice, it will be able to enter deeply into your skin to treat blood vessels that are blocked and to remove the clot of blood.

9. castor oil

This oil contains high moisturizer so it is very good to treat bruise. Not only it will get rid of the bruises away, it will also prevent your damaged skin from peeling which will then create another problem because of the scar. Drop a few castor oils into the palm of your hand, and then rub it into the affected area evenly.

10. Arnica

If your bruises are severe, then this home remedies could really help you a lot. To use it just blend the herb with water then apply it to the bruised area. This herb contains substance that could help treating irritation and inflammation on the skin area which make it very effective to treat bruises.

As you can see there are a lot of natural home remedies that you could use as treatment for bruises. To make it more effective and make the healing faster try to use those methods several time in a day. Massaging the bruises will also help relief the bruises faster. You can do it after you apply packs hot or cold. However if massaging is still too painful, then you can skip or wait until the pain has reduced. If you want to, you can also alternate hot and cold treatment to make the healing process faster. However you need at least two hours in between the treatment. Elevate the affected area to make the healing process easier.

Do not take aspirin even though it is painful and start the treatment right away before 24 hours has passed since after that the blood may clot more and making the bruise become severe. When applying the home remedies, you need to do it from the top of the bruise towards the bottom of the bruise and not the opposite. After you see the bruise, it is better for you to reduce your movement such as walking, running, moving or even jumping. Those activities could strain the injured area more thus making the bruise become more severe.

If you see bruises which appear without any injury, hit, trip or fall, you might need to consult your doctor especially when the bruises occur frequently. Sometimes bruises can be symptoms of other serious condition such as hemophilia, anemia, and even leukemia which is very dangerous. So it is better to know the exact cause of it earlier so you will know how to get rid of bruises fast.