10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Birds

Maybe some people thinking about how to get rid of birds especially when they like to poop and make a nest in your area. If you have a problem with birds whether at home or at works then there are several ways which you can try to remove them from you area. But before you want to get rid them, there are several things you need to take a note.

First, you need to do some research about your local protection laws because there are certain birds that illegal to be hurt and you should know it. Second, you also need to search what birds are in your area, from there you will know what kind of nuisance and nesting they like to make. After you are done all these research you can pick the best method to remove them.

You can get rid of birds with these methods

How to Get Rid of Birds

Some people maybe love birds while other thinks that they are such a nuisance, these are methods that you can try to remove them:

1. Modern feeder construction

Bully birds like pigeons, crows, and blackbirds tend to have large size and thus you can go modern with new innovations of feeder construction. With this innovation, homeowners can limit the access of birds that can go in the yard due to their size. It allows small birds that do not bring nuisance to pass through and enter your area, but not for those bully birds.

2. Honey method

This is one of best natural home remedies that you can easily try to make the birds stay away from your yard or house. You can apply small amount of honey on rooftop or balcony since birds usually do not like to land on sticky area so they prefer to stay away from such thing. Alternatively, you can purchase special repellant gel that feels tacky and sticky to the birds, but this is maybe cost you a bit.

3. Bird Alarms

If you like to go with electronic bird repellent then you can try audible bird alarms. Yes this is not so natural, but this thing is quite effective to drive away the annoying birds. One of the best recommendations of audible bird alarm is the one called Martley alarms; you can check this product, by the way. The best thing of audible bird alarms is some of them featured visual deterrents, for example ‘Yard Sentinel Ultrasonic Repeller’ that hopefully works well and not to mention you can just need to easily plug it in since it runs on AC power.

4. Play music

Some birds are love to land in garden to feed themselves fruits and if you do not allow that to happen then you can install a radio and play music as loud as possible (but please make sure that you are not disturb the neighborhood). The loud music will scare the birds away from your garden. This is an easy and natural remedy which you can try anytime.

5. Silhouettes of birds

Another natural prevention to make the bully birds stay away from your area: silhouettes of birds of prey. You need to set this up to scare other birds that want to come in your area. You can make it on your own by using cardboard or plastic; just purchase the materials in hardware store or agricultural center. Of course, the types of bird silhouettes are depend on the bully birds which you want to get rid of so do some research just like we mentioned above before you make the one. Example of good decoys such as fake owls and hawks since they are mostly known as strong predators.

6. Rice

If your house or work place is disturbed with pigeons then you can try this natural remedy. White rice is believed as to be an effective repellent since many people say pigeons cannot eat the cooked rice due to the starch from the white rice causes their belly to bloat and making them to pop. You just need to sprinkle the white rice around your balcony and rooftop, although there is no one hundred percent certainty whether this method will work well or not, but still it is worth it to be tried than nothing.

7. Raise some pets

The best way and the nicest way to get rid of birds are by raise some pets like cat or dog. It is so known that some birds do not like pets since they tend to attack birds, so you maybe you want to raise one and besides, they can be a good friend for your family.

8. Bird nets with selective feeding

This is the most common method to get rid birds, bird nets. This is also one of the best ways to keep the birds away from your house. Even though, once the birds are caught inside the nets, you may need to set them free on your own. When you make a bird nets and place some feeding, you need to be selective about that. Selective feeding is another way to control the types of birds which eat at the feeder. Make sure you do not give birds feeding that bully birds like to eat. Of course, it is depend on what birds that you want to get rid.

9. Hose them away

This is what many homeowners like to do, hose the birds away using sprayer. Of course this is the cheapest and the easiest methods you may want to try in no time. When you spot the birds land right on the yard or balcony, spray them with water hose thus they will flew away since they cannot hold out water being hosted on them.

10. Bird repellent spray

If you have no problem to spend money then you can buy non-toxic bird repellent spray. Choose the repellent that mild enough to be sprayed around house and safe for people. This is the best method to end the bird’s problem although it is not like visible decoys as well as loud ultrasonic devices. However, it is way more effective and if you spray it frequently, it will encourage the birds to find new home. When you want to apply it in public like work places, make sure that you choose the right one which does not make a threat for people around.

Other methods that you maybe love to try

Beside above methods, there still a lot of ways to get rid annoying birds such as:

  • Destroying the bird’s nest: If the birds like to flock in your yard or house then you can sure there is a bird’s nest around. Find it and destroy it as soon as possible so the birds will find a new house. Look inside the roof or chimney.
  • Chilly and pepper powder remedy: When you spot the birds start to make a mess around your house, sprinkle these chilly or pepper powder to get rid them away.
  • Disk: Yes, you heard it right; you can hang a disk/CD using a string to scare the birds away. When the winds blow the movement of the CD in your balcony will drive them away.
  • Reflection: You can hang small mirror to scare the birds away. Using reflective mirror is one of the safest ways that you can try.
  • Plastic decoys: Beside silhouette of birds to scare the birds away, you can purchase plastic decoys like snake in toy store. Place the plastic or fake snake in your balcony. Bully birds like pigeons will not make a move in your area when they see the fake yet looks so real snake.

When you catch a bird, maybe you do not need to kill it and better you can relocate them to another far area. Other than that, you can also call professional for final method of how to get rid of birds.