3 Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast

Everyone wants to have flat stomach, but not everyone knows how to get rid of belly fat. Most people will think that just by not eating, you will be able to get rid of that excessive fat in your stomach, they are wrong. Actually, to burn all that excessive fat only requires simple planning, but it requires a lot of hard work and time and most people don’t have that much patience. Be careful though, because rapid weight loss can resulted in loose skin, but fortunately, there are already methods on how to get rid of loose skin available.

1. Setting Up Your Mind

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Obesity is becoming more and more problems today, many people are suffering from their unhealthy eating habit and fewer activities, and those are the main reasons on why people today have more excessive fat when compared to the people of the 60s. So, if you are one of them and you want to know how to get rid of belly fat fast, you need to start with how you think.


This is the most important factor on whether or not you are able to fully finish your weight loss program. Dieting is not difficult if you know the trick, but not everyone is able to follow the strict and organized new habit in order to get rid of their excessive weight.

As weight loss program can last for a long time depending on the amount of excessive fat to be burnt and the said individual daily activities, that individual must need to be able to endure and be disciplined with his own diet regime. Nobody will be able to get the best result without discipline; there is no point on knowing how to get rid of belly fat quickly if you don’t have the spirit and motivation to go for it all the way.

So, before you start planning for your weight loss program and regime, start with finding the motivation and willingness to went with your new difficult regime. You can do this by using a lot of things, you can watch some motivational movies; maybe movies about sport, or rewarding yourself; something like “if I’m able to lose 4 pounds this week, I’m going to get my favorite food”.


You will need to be patience if you want to get the best result out of your weight loss program. Do not ever try doing extreme weight loss training for rapid weight loss, sure it will be able to get rid of your fat so fast, but it will also harm yourself by doing so.

Proper weight loss program will not take only a month, people are only allowed to lose a maximum of 10 pounds per month for the best result. That also means that if you lose more than 10 pounds per month, it will directly affect how your body can works.

With the right weight loss program, you will be able to lose your excessive fat regularly and at the same time is also able to do your daily activities without any harm. Do not worry, you will lose your fat albeit not that fast, but proper weight loss program will not harm you, it’s actually going to be good for your health.

Challenge Yourself

Sure there is a limit to what amount of fat and weight that you can lose, but getting that amount is not easy. You probably won’t be able to lose that amount of weight easily, that is why you need to challenge yourself.

You can do this by doing the simplest of things, for example, if you usually take the escalator, next time, try taking the stairs instead, or you can jog a little further than you usually are. Remember to limit yourself and do not push your body too hard, it will make everything much more difficult if you are not healthy.

2. Exercise Tips for Efficiently Burning The Excessive Fat

So, how to get rid of belly fat? The best way to get rid of your excessive fat is to burn them and the best way to burn the fat is by doing exercises. Please remember one thing, fat comes from excessive calories and to exercise you need energy, in which energy is also comes from calories. If you want to exercise, please remember your limit, do not starve yourself and force yourself to do heavy workout, it will kill you. Eat properly, workout properly and that is how to get a flat stomach.

Here are some workout tips that you can use when you are planning for your weight loss program:

If you have a free time; even after you plan your weight loss program, go workout. Lying around will makes it hard for your body to process all that fat, so it is best if you use your free time to work out. The exercise will makes you burn the fat faster and you can eat all things that you want after that. You can do light exercise if you do not have that much free time, bench press or push up don’t require a lot of space or equipment, but they are also very effective for burning the excessive fat.

When you exercise, mix everything up if you can in order to work your upper, middle and lower body. You do not need to do exactly every moves that your instructor told you, you can always improvise yourself. By doing this, you can train all parts of your body; the other advantage is that when you train your upper body, you gives time to your lower and middle part to rest, and vice versa.

It is also advisable to close your eyes when you exercise. The reason behind this is that because you cannot see, your core muscle will be the one keeping you balanced, and it requires a lot of energy; thus burning more calories. Obviously, only some exercise allows this type of method, so please carefully choose the type of exercise when you want to try this tip. For example, do not ever try this when you are doing a jog, the reason is obvious; you bump into another person or some dangerous objects or even vehicles.

Do not be shy to do any kind of physical activities that you don’t usually do. For this tips, what considered physical activities are any type of general activities that required physical attributes, simple things like manually mowing your yard or just carrying the garbage can or takes larger step when you are using the stairs. In any case, just simple and general physical activities should be welcomed, not only it will burn the fat but it will make things more organized for you.

3. Maximizing Your Eating Habit for Less Calories

After exercising, you need to know how to get rid of belly fat by maximizing your eating habit. Many thinks that fasting or extreme diet are the best way to lose your weight, but they are wrong. Contrary to the popular belief, you can still eat just fine, but what you need to do is to reduce your calories intake.

Research states that by reducing your calories intake for about 3500 a week, you will be able to lose one pound and the maximum weight loss that you can take; in accordance to your health, is 10 pounds per months. Reducing your calories intake does not means that you should eat less, you can eat as much as you do now, and the difference is going to be the type of food that you eat. Here are some tips that you can use when you are planning your weight loss program regarding the consumables.

Less Carbohydrate

Consume less carbohydrate. This is the most important thing that you need to take note. Carbohydrate is the largest source for calories, and this is the reason for a lot of your excessive fat.

Anyway, in order to cut down your calories intake, you will need to cut down your carbohydrate intakes, which means that food like sugar and other sweeteners, dried fruits, cereals, snacks like potato chips, flour, jams, bread, bagels, toast and things like that, potatoes and so on.

Eat Food With High Protein

So, if food high in carbohydrate is not allowed, what type of food that you should eat? Eat food with high protein Why? Because the calories in protein can be easily processed by out body; approximately 25%-30% calories in protein compared to 6%-8% calories in carbohydrate. Of course, you still need to limit yourself, as high amount of consumption still resulted in excessive fat. Fish, chicken, cheese, beef, pork, tofu, yogurt, bean, egg and nuts are the best source for protein. As you can see, you can still eat all of these foods while you are on your weight loss program. You will be fine if you do not eat all of those at once. But, it is okay if your favorite food is rich in carbohydrate, you still can eat your favorite food, as long as you are sure that you can burn the calories.

20% Less Calories

The calculation for the reduced calories intake for someone in the weight loss program is to take 20% less calories than what is the proper amount. There are a lot of factors to be considered; the said individual age, height, weight, activities, temperature and so on, so it is not wise to copy others. Because 20% less calories intake does not mean less food to eat, you can still eat as much as you were before, but this time, you eat different types of foods, foods that gives you less calories or food with easier calories to burn.

Stay Away From Sugary

This one is important, stay away from those sugary beverages. Those sweet and refreshing canned drinks and beverages are toxic for someone with weight problems. Those sugary beverages also have calories, but different to the regular solid calories, these calories which came from the liquid base is not easily processed by our body.

If you are fond of these sugary beverages, which is probably your reason why you are now left with that kind of weight problem. Their calories are hard to processed, thus most of them are left as excessive fat.

Eat Foods with High Quantity Fibers

Eat foods with high quantity of fibers. This is probably said a lot of times in various weight loss programs, but some might not listed why this is very important. Fibers keep your digestive system healthy and help with the foods processing, making it easier. Fibers also good for your heart and prevent various types of diseases.

There are a lot of foods with high quantity of fibers in it, all of them are fruits and plants, and you will not get fibers from eating meat or fish. So balanced diet is important here, fibers also take some times to be processed, so you will feel full for longer time than usual.


Do not skip breakfast and drink water before you eat. Breakfast is super important, it gives you the energy to start your day and the energy to do your daily activities, do not be afraid of some of the calories will turns into fat, because everything will be burned if you follow the methods and tips here. Also, drink a glass of water before you eat, the reason is simple, it will fill your stomach, and it will result in less hunger, less hunger means that you will eat less. And as usual, not eating is not how to get rid of belly fat, controlled eating, exercise and proper programs are.