10 Ways to Get Rid of Bees

Since bees are important part of our ecosystem and they also offer a lot of benefits, it is important to not kill them if possible. However, bees with its sting of course dangerous for us, people and even some of the types can be hostile. If your area is often gets interrupted by bees then perhaps you need some ways about how to get rid of bees and we are glad to give you some tips.

Different Kind of Bees

How to Get Rid of Bees

Before we talk about how to get rid of bees, first you need to know many kinds of bees to choose the best method to remove them.

  • Carpenter bees: It also known as wood bees, they like to make a nest with perfect three-eight inches holes. They can destroy surrounding surface of wood when the nest is multiply.
  • Bumble bees: This type of bee love to make a nest in loose and fluffy material, although they also like to make one underground. They only attack when threatened.
  • Honey bees: The most beneficial bees and not that aggressive, the best method to get rid them is by relocating the nests due to its benefits.
  • Ground bees: This is one of wasp’s types that resemble bees and it is easily agitated and aggressive.

In fact, there are still lots of bee types that exist in this world, even there are about 20 thousand different species of bees. They are live in colonies which contain worker bee, drone, and the queen bee. Now, after you knew these facts, let’s talk about how to remove them if you find the one.

Best ways to get rid of bees

1. Vinegar mix

If you want an effective method yet safe to remove the bees then you can make a vinegar mix. Just make a mixture of vinegar with half water then pour it into spray bottle. You need to spray the solution to their nest and preferred at night when the bees are mostly dormant meaning not buzzing around. Never forget to wear protective equipments such as gloves, clothes (long sleeve shirt and long pants), and neck and face protection like wide brimmed hat with some net tossed over it. In addition, you also need to spray around places where the bees like to congregate such as plants, bushes, and flowers. Wait until next day; check again in the morning whether the bees still active, if yes then you need to spray once more. If you spot any dead bees, better to clean them away.

2. Bee lures

If you want to get rid those sweat bees or any other types of bees that like to flying around yard or house then you can make a tasty bee lures. This method would not kill them unfortunately, but you can relocate the bees to another place. Check these steps about know how:

  • Slice a ripe mango or pear into small pieces, choose the one with strong fragrant since most of bees like sweet aromas.
  • Keep the fruits inside sandwich bag then put the bait about fifteen to twenty feet from the area that you want to draw the bees away. Keep the lid of the bag open.
  • The aromas of the fruits will attract the bees; you need to wait for several days before moving the bag to farther location. Repeat the process until you see that the bees do not approach the original area.

3. Raid

If you give up or maybe prefer unnatural way then you can always purchase ‘Raid’ specifically made to get rid bees as well as other types of hornet/wasp. This is a nice and safest method if you want to remove the bees from your car. However, if you found that the bees are already nesting then it is better to call beekeeper or bee professional expert. Take a mental note that let the motor run in order to get rid the bees will not removing the colony and in fact can agitate the bees.

4. Spectracide

Spectracide is another chemical solution to remove the bees especially if ground bees or carpenter bees are the one that disturb your place. Be sure that you wear protection when spray this product because ground bees which species of yellow jacket is really aggressive. Spray the nest and then wait until dawn or dusk to check the area and if you think it is needed, spray the solution once more. However, the bees that survive from the chemical solution will tend to relocate the nest. Never try to kill the bees by pour gasoline or maybe other generic chemicals directly into the nest if you do not want to poison the plants, animals, ground, and not to mention it may offer health hazard to human health.

5. Soda pop

Find an old soda bottle then cut it into half, feel the bottle with mountain dew or any other sweet soda that you like to attract the bees. Place the bait near the bee nest or on the ground right in your patio, yard, or garden. The scent will attract the bees and if lucky, they will eventually drowning in the solution.

6. Block the holes of their nest

This is maybe an effective method to get rid of bees (especially carpenter bees) after you spray that insecticides. You just need to use steel wool to block all the entries and openings of the nest. Steel wool will not be easy to dig through and you can use putty and caulk as well.

7. Almond oil

Bees cannot stay the almond oil and that is why make sure you pour a good amount of almond oil in their nest to drive them away and prevent them to come back. When pour the oil, you need to use flash light to see inside the holes, just to make sure that the bees and larvae are completely be evacuated. This remedy works for a nice three to four months.

8. Diatomaceous earth (DE)

The DE somehow can be used to get rid of bees; this special powder will kill the bees with its sharp edges. Sprinkle the DR inside their nest and wait to see when the bees are returning to their nest, they will soon die. After you pour the powder, to kill the bees that already inside their nest, you should cover their holes using putty. Wear protection when do it and never wear the gloves to other purposes next time, better to throw the gloves away and clean your hands after done this method.

9. Citrus spray

If you want to get rid of bees then you can make your own citrus spray by using lime, grapefruit, orange, and lemon or if you too lazy or don’t have a time to make one, just buy citrus based spray. Spray the remedy to the bee holes and it will effectively remove them from their nest.

10. Call the beekeeper/ professional

Somehow, you just cannot get rid the bees completely and that’s the time you need to call professional. They will get rid of bees using chemical spray designed specifically for bees. They also will relocate the bees to another place by trap them inside a box hive. If you call the beekeeper, then maybe you need to cost for their relocation trip only if the bees are healthy and beneficial. Some beekeeper also offer no cost for them though.

That’s some of ways about how to get rid of bees around your area and make sure that you are not only getting rid of the bees, but also the larvae. It is needed to destroy the larvae to prevent them reproduce later. And last but not least, never use banned pesticides since they are banned because of dreadful risk for your health.