10 Wasy to Get Rid of Bats Effectively

Bats are annoying but very persistent, they keep coming into your house and nesting there without you knowing and when you do found out, they have multiplied hundredfold. Welcome to this guide article where you can find effective methods on how to get rid of bat problem on your house.

Bats are very common, and although they are afraid of human, they will not hesitate to use that unused room in the attic of your house to be their nesting place. It is pretty difficult to repel them away if you do not know what to use, as they will come back without you knowing. If you are living in an area with a lot of bats, you need to check your house, check every room; and as said earlier especially the attic. If your house is actually invaded by bats, here are 10 ways how to get rid of bats.

How to Get Rid of Bats Easily

How to Get Rid of Bats

1. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus oil is not only useful for insect repellant, this liquid with a very strong smell is also good solution for your bat problem, it is easy to find and is available in abundance. It is also very easy to use the eucalyptus liquid for bat repellant, all you need to do is to get eucalyptus liquid or eucalyptus gel; depending on your preferences and spray or put it on the area where the bats are nesting. The smell will annoy the bat and they will leave your house quick, although this method is very effective, but there is one problem, you probably need to buy a lot of eucalyptus liquid or gel and spread them on that room for some time or else the bats will be back again.

2. Cinnamon

If you also cannot stand the smell of eucalyptus then we can go with a much more friendly solution, the cinnamon. Believe it or not, but cinnamon actually have the same effect as the eucalyptus for bats, they hates the smell of cinnamon, so we just use this to our advantage. It is best to get the cinnamon powder for this because it will make it easier for you to spread it, so take the powder, go to the bat nest and spread the powder around then the bats will leave in due time. Similar to the eucalyptus method, you will need to do this a couple more time to make sure the bats won’t come back.

3. 4 The Birds

Never mind the name, this anti bird repellant is also very effective to be used on bats invasion as well. Bats hate this thing and will not fly near any house with the 4 the Birds repellant. There are two types of 4 The Birds repellant that you can get, one is on gel form and the other is on the liquid form, there is no difference in the effect of both forms so you can just pick whatever. It is also very easy to use, just apply the gel on the nests and the bats will go away. This is also a good solution to prevent any bats or birds from entering your house so even if you do not have bats problem, get this just to make sure that there will be none of this problem on your house ever.

4. Christmas decoration

Yes, you read it right, it’s the Christmas decoration and it is actually can be used to repel bats from ever coming into your house. This is actually a good method for those who do not plan to spend any money for their bat problem or someone with a lot of Christmas decorations hanging around. You only use the Christmas decoration for a month each year anyway so just put the Christmas decoration on the bat nests. The shiny and moving decorations will scare the bats away and they will be afraid to come back again if you left the decorations there.

5. Water spray

Many people resorted for methods that can also kill the bats. It is a great way to guarantee that the numbers will not increase any bigger, but if you do not fond of that kind of method and prefer a much more peaceful solution then you can just make do with the water spray. Just spray the nest with water at daylight when the bats are sleeping, do this regularly to make sure they will not come back again which is the only weakness of this method, but if you spend a lot of time in the house, this is probably the best solution.

6. Mirrors and light

Another peaceful method that will not harm the bats, use the combination between the light and the mirror. For this method to works, you will need more than just one mirror, which means you will need to spend a good amount of money as you will need to light the room regularly. Place the mirrors around the nest area, light the room at daytime when the bats are sleeping. This will effectively repels the bats, and you could just put the mirrors in that unused room to make sure no more bats coming in.

7. Aluminum foil

Although it will not be as effective as the above methods, but this one is way cheaper in terms of cost. Instead of using mirrors, you can just make do with hanging some aluminum foils. This cheaper alternative to the mirror can also reflect lights that will annoy the bats. And it has one more advantages, when you hang the aluminum foil, put them close to one another so that a slightest of wind will make the aluminum foils clashed with one another and creating rowdy sounds. The weakness of this method is clear, if your room is close to the bat nest, you will hear that annoying clinging sounds regularly as well.

8. Mylar balloons

If you prefer a more unique method then you can use this one, using mylar balloons to keep the bats out of your house. You can find mylar foil balloons easily, but the one that you should buy for bat repellant is the one that shine the most. Fill the balloons with helium and let them loose at the bat nests, the balloon with move around a lot with its shiny light, it will frighten the bats and they will not come back again. Unfortunately, it also means that you will need to refill the balloons with helium regularly.

9. Phenol

This method once again relies on its strong odor to repel the bats, use phenol on the bat nest and it will drive them away very quick. You can find phenol in various stores, get a spray bottle too and put the phenol liquid into the bottle. When you spray the room, make sure that the smell is very strong, re-apply the spray if you do not think that the smell is strong enough. You need to do this regularly even though the bats are now gone. Fortunately, after some time passed on, you can just use the Christmas decorations method or the balloon methods to make sure that the bats will never ever come back to your house again.

10. Seal any entry point

The fact that there are bats nesting on your house means that there is one or more holes on the wall, look for that hole and fix it as soon as possible. Make sure that there is no entry point for the bats to come in; even the smallest of hole should be closed. Understandably, you should use some of the methods above to clear away the room first.

Important Things to Note

If you look at the methods above, almost all of them require you to go into the bat nest in order to repel the bats away and that is a dangerous thing to do if you do not know what you are doing. Bats are not a sterile creature; they carry a lot of disease; with rabies as the number one threat so there are a lot of things that you need to remember first:

  • Never ever touch any bats or anything in that room without protection, as said earlier, bats carry a lot of disease.
  • Pesticide is a good way for killing bats, but if the bats are nesting in your house, it is a bad idea to use one. Dead bats attract a lot more vicious diseases; not to mention the smell of rotting bats is one of the most disgusting smells on earth.
  • Remember that if one method does not work, you do not give up, try another method.
  • It is best to do some of the methods above at nighttime, it is the time here the bats are hunting for food and the room is most likely empty at that point.
  • If you are too afraid to do those methods on your own, you could always ask for professional help on how to get rid of bats on your house.