10 Ways to Get Rid of Armadillos

Armadillos are mostly found in Texas, but they are no longer a problem for Texans only since this Roly Poly thing have been expanding rapidly within the United States. This small creature can’t stand cold weather and they like to inhabit warm places. They have short legs, but they can move so fast and thus they are not easily to be caught. Now, before we share to you how to get rid of Armadillos, it is better to know more information regarding this mammal.

3 Little Facts about Armadillos

How to Get Rid of Armadillos

The lifespan of Armadillos is 7 to 10 years!

Armadillos like to dig and they have the armor-like shell for a protector. When they threatened, this mammal can easily roll up into a ball. The habit to dig is what makes homeowners frustrated because they can ruin the garden while looking for food. They do it by making holes in several places. And did you know that Armadillos can live from 7 to 10 years?!

Armadillos are eating insects, but delicious fruits in your garden too!

Most Armadillos are like to eat insects because it is their main food as well as other invertebrates. In cold weather, however, they like to eat small amphibians and reptiles while not more than 10 percent of Armadillos love to eat non-animal matters such as seeds, fruits, and tubers. That’s why from their eating habits, they can be a destructive animal since they will not stop to dig your garden to find some foods. And then the mess they leave is what you need to deal with.

Armadillos love warm places

Yes, just like we already mentioned before, Armadillos love warm places. They prefer to live in moist areas where they can find and dig their food easily. That’s why if your gardens have loose soil, that’s a perfect target for this Roly Poly thing. They have strong claws to dig the land and they burrow which they can make can reach up to 15 ft deep plus 8 ft wide, what a mess!

Now, there are 3 ways to control Armadillos so they cannot damage or ruin your garden: prevent, deter, and remove. The most effective way is probably to remove them out from your garden. You can trap them, relocate, and then release them. And now, we will share with you several plans about how to get rid of Armadillos.

How to Get Rid of Armadillos

1. Fencing – wiring

Fencing and wiring are just one way to prevent the Armadillos get to your garden because they totally cannot seize or climbing it. There is a minimum requirement when installing the fencing and wiring; that is to give not less than 18 inches to prevent them make a hole get through the fence. In addition, you can also at least installing the fence with 2 ft high or more if you want.

2. Get a dog

For dog lovers, if you have a dog then congrats since you can use the pet to prevent the Armadillo get inside your garden. You need to keep the dog outdoor especially during evening time when the Armadillos like to start their activities. The smell and barking will keep the Armadillos away from your garden plus if your dog pursues them then it will make the small mammal afraid to come back to the garden.

3. Remove things which attract them

You need to make your yard or garden less inviting so the Armadillos will not come to dig your land and inhabit it. Since most of Armadillos’ foods live underground then they will dig out them by uprooting the surface. Armadillos will choose a place that has more spread and thus, you can opening your yard by uprooting spread like the bushes, brush, low-lying shrubs, and heaps of woods. With all these vital steps, the animal will feel your garden/yard less like home. Add the step by getting rid the fallen berries as well as any organic products so the Armadillos do not attract to live in your area.

4. Using mothballs

Mothballs are often be used as a general way to get rid of Armadillos. There is a lot of mothballs products offered in the market. The chemical name for this thing, in fact, is called naphthalene and it is sold in the piece as well as ball structure. The idea is that the Armadillos will stay away from it because it is made with a terrible smell.

5. Hot chili pepper

Make a sprayer from a mixture of hot chili pepper and water. Here’s the step:

  • Place a gallon of water in an area where the sun can hit it thus the hot chili peppers can easily be soaked and absorbed by the water.
  • Let the water soak the peppers by leave it for a week. After a week is passing, strain the water and pour it into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the range and plants where the Armadillos have dove in your garden.

This is an inexpensive home remedy which you can easily try.

6. Ammonia

This method is almost similar when you use hot chili pepper or mothballs to get rid the Armadillos. Put the ammonia in a sprayer and splash it on territories where the Armadillos have dived in yard/garden. The smell of Ammonia is terrible just like the mothballs and you may need to apply it frequently in your yard since its warmth or smell will likely to fade away once it is uncovered outside.

7. Make some trap

Just like we mentioned earlier, you can remove the Armadillos off from your yard and one of the way to make it is by using some trap. Once after the animal trapped inside the trap you can relocate them at least five miles away from your area (find a remote place) and release them. To make the trap you need to make it with minimum 10 inches width, 30 inches length, and 12 crawls for the base tallness.

To make the Armadillos trapped inside your trap, individual like to use some lures such as organic products, spoiled cabbage, ruined meat and fish, etc. You can place more than one traps right on the opening tunnels where the Armadillos mostly appears to do their activities.

8. Predator urine

It may a bit disgusting; however you can spread some predator urine such as huge felines or coyote on the area where the Armadillos love to appear. If you have a puppy then you can allow her to pee in the zone where the Armadillos have been spotted. This method will make them afraid to get to the yard.

9. Catch the Armadillos with hands

You want me to catch the Armadillos with hands? Well, yeah. Although this method is a bit dangerous, but some people who refuse to make a trap prefer to catch the animal by hand. Since the creature has strong claws, you need to wear gloves and hold the tail of this animal when you catch it. Hold it far from you and you may use a net as the tool to catch this animal. Do this method only if you are ready and of course, if you want. If not, then get some professional done it to you.

10. Animal hair/fur

Just like the predator urine, you can spread some animal hair or fur so the Armadillos won’t get inside your yard. The smell of animal will repulse the Roly Poly and they will likely stay away from your area.

If you think that you cannot prevent or remove the Armadillos on your own then you can ask a professional help. The advantage of using professional trappers is that they will use the right method to get rid the Armadillos and do some inspection at first. They also will relocate the animals without harming them and do some evaluation. That’s it for how to get rid of Armadillos tips.