8 Ways to Get Rid of a Hickey Overnight

We’ve all been there (well, hopefully!) – dealing with a hickey is a big problem, in many different instances. If you have any loved ones that are always worrying about what you’re doing, showing up with a hickey isn’t exactly the best thing to be doing. For example, if you’ve got parents that don’t condone dating (or something along the lines of that), these tips could be very helpful! You can’t just worry about getting rid of it in general, though; you always want to get rid of it in the quickest manner possible. First, we’re going to talk about why hickeys exist, as well as how you can go about getting them. After that, we’re going to focus on different tips and tricks that can help you get rid of a hickey fast!

Partners can give others a hickey on purpose, in order to “mark” them in a playful manner. It isn’t always a good thing, especially if you’ve got an event or photo opportunity coming up. They’re blemishes in the truest form, which is why it’s always a good idea to rid your body of them (as quick as possible). We’re going to look at some of the most effective ways avoid both and treat hickeys, without going through any sort of extensive process. If you want to get rid of hickeys overnight, you’ll need to understand the process behind them.

How are Hickey’s Given (and What Are They?)

How to Get Rid of a Hickey

Hickey’s are given when you create a large amount of suction with your mouth, and they usually occur while making out with a loved one (or just making out in general, obviously). Sometimes they are known as a “love bite”. They’re pretty like putting hot cups on your skin for blood flow purposes – professional athletes use this technique (the cups, not hickeys) to get rid of bad blood. When you remove the cups, there’s a very large red circle left on the skin – which is a result of the intense suction action. In the sense of a sexual nature, hickeys can actually feel quite good; in the heat of the moment, it seems like a great idea! That’s why they can pop up randomly, as it’s a pretty randomized occurrence in general. Whether the hickey was on purpose or not, it still needs to get taken care of! It’s a way to express your intense love for somebody.

Anybody can give (or receive) a hickey, and a lot of people tend to focus on the neck area. It’s essentially when lips suck so hard, that they’re breaking blood vessels in your skin. As a result, there’s a red patch left over that is known as a “hickey”. They’re easy enough to identify, as well as hand out – but the real tough part comes into play when you’re trying to get rid of hickeys. Hickeys aren’t dangerous, nor painful, and they cannot transmit any sort of sexual disease. STI’s or STD’s don’t apply here, so no need to worry about all of that!

How Long Can They Last?

They can actually last quite a long time, which is a main reason as to why people are interested in getting rid of them. When something sticks around for a long period of time, especially a hickey, it starts to become an eyesore of sorts. If you love clear and beautiful skin, a hickey is only going to throw a stick in your spokes (figure of speech!) – it’s important that you realize just how long hickeys can be a part of your daily routine. Sometimes the love is so strong that you don’t care, but it’s definitely food for thought.

Why Hide Them?

There is a plethora of reasons to hide a hickey, and some of them may even apply to your work. When it comes to a professional setting, hickeys aren’t exactly going to be welcomed with open arms – there a lot of places that try to shy away from anything related to relationships (which would be most of the workspaces we see today). If you’re relatively high up in an organization, hickeys are an absolute no-no. As a result, hiding them is a big thing to handle; let alone getting rid of them entirely. You could just wear long-sleeves and sweaters, as well as pants; but what happens when the hotter months come into play?

When hiding them just doesn’t work anymore, it’s time to consider some help. In order to get rid of a hickey fast, you’ve got to be well informed, and that’s what I’m going to help you with today! Seeing as a lot of people would consider hickeys inappropriate, I would consider myself a savior of sorts (okay, maybe it’s not that serious). When it comes to social gatherings, family events or any other setting that would exclude hickeys in a serious manner, you’ve got to be prepared.

The Help: Different Ways to Rid Yourself of Hickeys

Cold Compression

Using cold compression (as quickly after the hickey as possible) is an effective way to get rid of hickeys quickly. It will help deal with the micro-swelling of your skin, which attributes to the hickey itself; it will constrict your broken blood capillaries and reduce the minor internal bleeding being experienced. In order to do this, you can wrap a few ice cubes up in a towel and hold them on the area; you could also do the same thing with an ice-pack of some sort. It’s important that you aren’t putting the ice directly on your skin, and that there is a towel or a layer of something in between your skin and the ice. If you don’t, it could lead to potential ice burn, or even frostbite.

If you have a particularly painful hickey, the ice is going to help subside that as well. If you don’t have any ice handy, you can just replace that with a silver spoon (any spoon that is made of metal, really). Place that in the freezer for 10 minutes or so, and place it on your hickey (after wrapping it in a cloth, or anything of that nature). You can rub the hickey are, or just press it firmly onto the skin. When it comes to the cold compression method, it should be done as many times as possible throughout the day. The more time you’re able to take out of your day to do it, the quicker the hickey will disappear.

Hot Compression

The opposite of cold compression, hot compression is where you’re using heat to get rid of hickeys quickly. Dip a washcloth is some piping hot water, but make sure not to burn yourself (have it just hot enough to where you can take it). Wring out any excess water, and place the cloth on your hickeys area. If you’ve got to, re-heat the cloth every few minutes or so. It’s essentially the same process as cold compression, just in a slightly different manner.


Massages are known to promote healthy blood flow, as well as break-up and building tension within your body. When you have a hickey, and you’re tense as well, it’s going to promote the appearance. Since hickeys are essentially clotted blood, massages can promote the blood flow needed in order to clear them up much quicker. You can massage them with any sort of essential oil, and it only takes two fingers; rub them in a circular motion while pressing with a slight firmness on your hickey. After a minute or two, switch the direction in which you’ve been circling. There may be an outline or two after you’ve massaged the hickey, but it’s nothing to worry about; the effectiveness of this process relies on the severity of the hickey at hand.


A relatively odd tip, but a tip nonetheless! Toothbrushes are actually known to be quite good for the removal of hickeys, or even a comb (or stiff-bristled hair brush, whatever you have handy). You can brush the hickey are and stimulate blood flow, but make sure that you aren’t pressing too hard. When you’re using a toothbrush, it may actually make it worse if you’re going too hard – breaking more blood vessels and such in the process. After using the toothbrush, give it 15 minutes or so and look at the results. Swelling and redness might look worse right away, but it will subside with time. It doesn’t hurt to put a cold compress on the area at this point, as well.

If it seems like it worked, but the hickey is still prominent, you could repeat the process. Don’t overdo it, though; if you do, you’re bound to make it worse at some point.


Peppermint is already known to have a positive effect on not only skin, but blood circulation as well. When you can get some peppermint into your diet, or even a peppermint-based moisturizer of sorts (if you can find one!), it’ll make things much easier. Peppermint oil is a viable option, but you could even go about using peppermint toothpaste if you absolutely needed to. Peppermint oil will give you a little tingle at first, but it will go away after a minute or so. A layer of toothpaste, or a splash of peppermint oil onto your hickey will allow the blood to circulate much more effectively.

One thing to note is that you shouldn’t use peppermint more than once on a daily basis, as it has been known to cause skin irritation when overused. If peppermint oil isn’t immediately available to you (and neither is peppermint toothpaste), you could go about using almond or olive oil as well.

Oranges (Vitamin C)

Oranges contain an abundance of Vitamin C, which is known to heal bruises in a prominent manner. When you can get an increased amount of Vitamin C into your daily diet, you’re going to see results (and not only when it comes to getting rid of a hickey!). Not only that, but the vitamin also contains bleaching properties, which can also help with the appearance of hickeys. If you haven’t got any oranges laying around, Vitamin C pills or orange juice will always be reasonable alternatives. Freshly squeezed juice is always preferred. If you time it well enough, oranges could be all you’ll ever need to fight away a nasty-looking hickey.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is specifically known to prevent the clotting of blood, so you can see as to why it would be useful here. The anti-coagulant qualities that this vitamin sports will break up the blood collecting underneath your hickey area, allowing your body to reabsorb it (thus, removing the hickey in a faster manner). There are tons of lotions and creams out there that claim they’re rich with Vitamin K, so look at the labels and identify one you can count on. There are also tons of foods that are prominent when it comes to the Vitamin K count, or even the Vitamin K supplement itself.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is known is a great moisturizer, but it’s also great when it comes to healing bruises and such. It promotes the growth of healthy skin tissue, and will keep your skin looking great in general – if you want to make use of cocoa butter, it’s imperative that you pair it alongside a cold (or hot) compression. When you mix the two together, you get a hickey-fighting combination that cannot be taken lightly! Massaging the area after using cocoa butter is ideal, as well.

All in all, it’s important to know that there ARE ways to go about getting rid of hickeys fast. The only stopping most people is that they don’t know where to begin. You have all of the information at your fingertips, so it’s just a matter of actually applying it all! Hickeys don’t have to trouble you any longer, because you have the tools needed in order to fend them off.